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By Michelle SingletaryJanuary 31, 2023

Three moves to get your tax refund faster in 2023

Tips for the 2023 tax season: Don’t call the IRS on Mondays, triple-check for errors, don't mail a return if you don't have to, and other tax advice.

By Michelle SingletaryJanuary 27, 2023

If you owe the IRS and can’t pay, this is what you should and shouldn’t do

The tax deadline is April 18, and millions may owe and can't pay. A former national taxpayer advocate offers advice on tackling the debt.

By Michelle SingletaryJanuary 26, 2023

Birthday checklist: Get your most pressing money questions answered

Michelle Singletary invites readers to submit their most pressing financial questions for her money milestones project.

By Michelle SingletaryJanuary 25, 2023

Michelle Singletary’s money milestones for every age

Advice for every decade of your financial life, from 20-somethings just starting out to retirees enjoying the fruits of planning and smart choices.

By Michelle SingletaryJanuary 23, 2023

How to prepare financially in case of a debt ceiling crash

Debt ceiling drama, inflation and stock market swings. Here are tips for finding a financial planner to help navigate tough times.

By Michelle SingletaryJanuary 20, 2023

A $250 million scholarship program aimed at keeping students debt-free

Fidelity Investments has committed $250 million to help up to 50,000 Black, Latino and other historically underserved students attend college.

By Michelle SingletaryJanuary 18, 2023

Expect smaller refunds and continued phone delays this tax season

The IRS has struggled to process tax returns and answer taxpayer questions over the past three years. The 2023 tax season opens Jan. 23. Will things be better?

By Michelle SingletaryJanuary 13, 2023

Paycheck primer: What is FICA, and why is it taking my money?

Financial Adulting 101: Here’s why your paycheck is less than you thought it would be.

By Michelle SingletaryJanuary 11, 2023

7 bad money habits to ditch in 2023

The new year is a time for new beginnings. With experts predicting a possible recession in 2023, now is the time to eliminate bad financial habits.

By Michelle SingletaryJanuary 6, 2023

Expert forecasts 2023 as a year of ‘economic pain’

No one knows where the economy is headed in the new year, so focus on stockpiling cash and investing for the long term.

By Michelle SingletaryDecember 30, 2022

Seven ways you can financially prepare for a recession

If an economic downturn is inevitable in 2023, here are some ways to fortify your position

By Michelle SingletaryDecember 28, 2022

Some final advice: Beware of cryptocurrencies and ratty CEOs like Musk

Allan Sloan writes his final column for The Washington Post after 30 years.

By Allan SloanDecember 26, 2022

IRS delays reporting rule for Venmo, PayPal and other payment apps

The IRS announced it is delaying a new tax reporting requirement for payment apps such as PayPal and Cash App because of confusion among users.

By Michelle SingletaryDecember 23, 2022

‘Why is everything so expensive?’ The year of inflation frustration.

2022 economic review: Inflation, higher rates made for a year of sticker shock.

By Michelle SingletaryDecember 23, 2022

That mean ol’ Grinch gets a bad rap

Dr. Seuss’s classic “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” teaches us it’s not about the presents but your presence.

By Michelle SingletaryDecember 22, 2022

What to do if stock market ups and downs are driving you nuts

Financial experts provide advice on the stock market's wild swings. Here’s what they advise for various investors.

By Michelle SingletaryDecember 21, 2022

Five reasons you shouldn’t buy a house right now

With high inflation and rising interest rates, here are five reasons why you shouldn’t buy a home right now.

By Michelle SingletaryDecember 16, 2022

Why the Dow demolished the S&P 500 this year

Just half a dozen stocks have made most of the difference.

By Allan SloanDecember 16, 2022

Invest or save? What to do while student loan payments are paused.

Here's what to do while you wait on legal challenges to Biden's student loan forgiveness plan.

By Michelle SingletaryDecember 14, 2022