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Scammers are trying to take advantage of families looking for help from FEMA's new $9,000 covid-19 funeral assistance program.

The app is used by contractors to manage projects such as roof replacements and kitchen remodels.

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IRS has refunds worth $1.3 billion for people who still haven't filed their 2017 federal tax returns. The agency also suspends the requirement for people to repay excess payments of the 2020 premium tax credit.

The Trump-era tax break for well-off older adults comes as President Biden aims to raise taxes on corporations and wealthy Americans.

Tucked in the third round of stimulus aid was $30.4 million allocated to the Federal Trade Commission to fight coronavirus-related scams. Rebecca Kelly Slaughter, acting FTC chair, discusses the efforts in a Q&A with The Post.

The IRS announced it has distributed another $36 billion in stimulus payments. Veterans still waiting for their $1,400 stimulus payments should get direct deposits by April 14.

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The FDIC is launching a campaign in Atlanta and Houston to get low-income and minority families to open bank accounts, which will make it easier for the IRS to deliver stimulus payments.

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The IRS says it will automatically start sending refunds to people who filed their tax returns reporting unemployment income before getting a $10,200 tax break under the American Rescue Plan.

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IRS and Treasury announced a stimulus payment date for millions of Social Security recipients and federal beneficiaries who have been waiting to hear when they will get their relief funds. But stimulus payments for VA recipients won't come until mid-April.

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Although 127 million stimulus payments worth $325 billion have been disbursed under the American Rescue Plan, many people receiving Social Security, survivor, disability and veterans benefits weren't included in the initial wave of Economic Impact Payments.

Nearly 15 million paper checks and 5 million debit card will be distributed this time around. But many Social Security and other federal beneficiaries are not included.

You may not want a stimulus check but it may be coming anyway. The IRS is also sending millions of prepaid debit cards loaded with the third round of stimulus payments.

IRS has extended the tax season for individuals to May 17. But if you're eligible for a stimulus payment, you shouldn’t wait to file your return.

This break is a fringe benefit of getting old.

The IRS has distributed 90 million stimulus payments amounting to $242.2 billion in the first installment of payments under the American Rescue Plan. Here’s how to check when your money is coming.

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Some payments are already going out to tax payers. Here's how soon you may get yours and what could delay your payment.

Washington Post reporters answered questions on stimulus eligibility, child income tax credits, and how adult dependents are now part of the $1.9 trillion economic relief plan.

The American Rescue Plan, expected to be approved and signed into law this week, provides substantial financial assistance to parents.

A third round of checks is coming for millions of Americans. Here's the answers to some frequently asked questions about economic relief.

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A wedding planner and a real estate agent compete to see whether engaged couples will pick a pricy wedding or use the funds they've saved as a down payment on a home.

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