Peter Galuszka
Peter Galuszka
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Peter Galuszka is part of The Post’s Local Blog Network and a writer for Bacon’s Rebellion. He has been writing about Virginia politics and business since 1975. Now a freelance journalist living in the Richmond area, he has been executive editor of Virginia Business magazine and a reporter at the Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk and the Richmond Times-Dispatch. He also spent 18 years at the McGraw-Hill Companies, including 15 years writing for BusinessWeek.

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Dominion is looking for good news

It probably has more to do with keeping more of its profits than concern about ratepayers.

Virginia’s sudden turn to progressivism

Virginia’s sudden turn to progressivism

Old Dominion Democrats are becoming bolder in their activism.

A tale of two Virginias

Democrats have won Virginia in the last three presidential races, but Republicans hold their strength in rural counties and economically depressed areas.

Virginia’s legislature is in a power struggle with the executive branch

Meanwhile, the commonwealth’s real problems are not getting solved.