Photographer Dawoud Bey speaks to In Sight about being awarded a MacArthur genius grant.

(Dawoud Bey)

There will be 25 townhouse condominiums ranging from $819,900 to $869,900.

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(Benjamin C Tankersley / For The Washington Post)

A family’s personal history of fleeing the Holocaust and settling in the little town of Sousa in the Dominican Republic.

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(Emily Codik / TWP)

Officials ordered a new round of mandatory evacuations for parts of the Sonoma Valley and eastern Santa Rosa as gusting winds returned, reviving dangerous fire conditions in a region that has been devastated by ongoing blazes.

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(Stuart Palley / FTWP)

A look at the second half, so far, of the president’s first year in the White House.

The British royal couple and their children have a busy schedule.

Remembering those who have died in 2017.

Some people returned to find their homes burned to the ground after wildfires devastated Northern California.

The former Democratic candidate and secretary of state has returned to public life after a post-election respite.

The top-ranked Pumas led 24-0 at the end of the first quarter and didn’t look back.

Scenes from the movie mogul’s career.

Major League Baseball playoffs, Vladimir Putin receives a puppy, Rohingya refugees flee Burma, California wildfires and more images from around the world.

More than 50,000 acres are burning in Napa and Sonoma counties. Authorities say wildfires have destroyed at least 1,500 homes, businesses and other structures.

Hollywood and political figures comment on the New Yorker and New York Times reports of women saying the powerful movie mogul sexually harassed or assaulted them.

Nearly twenty-five years since the end of apartheid, Manenberg, South Africa, has not seen the fruits of democracy. Opportunities to change or improve circumstances remain few and far between. Photographer Sarah Stacke photographed two sisters each encountering their own struggles with life in the town.

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