Flying Boys — Photographer of the Year, Grand Prize. (Dimpy Bhalotia)
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For Dimpy Bhalotia, an Indian photographer based in Britain, the photo of the three “flying boys,” as she calls them, is characteristic of the day-to-day activities of the youths in Varanasi, India. “These boys were jumping off a man-made cliff into the Ganges river to beat the heat during the Indian summers,” she said. “They are the symbol of fearlessness and freedom.”

The black-and-white photograph was shot on an iPhone X and has brought Bhalotia the title of Photographer of the Year at the 2020 iPhone Photography Awards. It was selected from thousands of entries received from 140 countries.

Bhalotia predominantly photographs in black-and-white. “It’s the most decluttered form of my world,” she said. “It’s how I see. … I am immensely drawn to shapes and forms, light and shadows. It resonates with me.”

The photographer is joined by three runners-up in the Photographer of the Year category: Artsiom Baryshau of Belarus, Geli Zhao of China and Saif Hussain of Iraq, as well as 54 other shortlisted photographers in 18 categories, a selection of which are published here.

No walls — Photographer of the Year, First Place. (Artyom Baryshau)

Untitled — Photographer of the Year, Second Place. (Geli Zhao)

Sheikh of Youth — Photographer of the Year, Third Place. (Saif Hussain)

Flamingos — Animals, Second Place. (Ji Li)

The Empty Quarter — Animals, Third Place. (Anna Aiko)

Cotton Candy — Children, First Place. (Ekaterina Varzar)

Untitled — Floral, Third Place. (Hao Wen)

The Cloud — Landscape, Third Place. (Dominic Dahncke)

Culture Fusion — Lifestyle, First Place. (Audrey Blake Calvani)

Untitled — Lifestyle, Second Place. (ShiTian Zhang)

The Virus — News & Events, Second Place. (Caterina Bertone)

Prune Deuce — People, Third Place. (Glenn Homann)

Roberta — Portrait, Second Place. (Renata Dangelo)

Whales and watcher — Series, Third Place. (Naian Feng)

The wine bottle and the seven chouriços — Still Life, First Place. (Joao Cabaco)

Eye Spy — Travel, Second Place. (Anthony Ginns)

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