Offbeat midterm moments: Election images that caught our eye

Clad in jacket with an American flag, a supporter attends a campaign event for Republican senate candidate Joe O’Dea in Broomfield, Colo., on Nov. 5. (Matt McClain/The Washington Post)

The final weeks leading up to the midterm elections were a frenzy of activity as hundreds of candidates campaigned across the country in a slew of races. From newly created House districts to statewide Senate and gubernatorial contests, voters had the opportunity to assess their elected officials throughout much of the United States.

Candidates popped into diners. Canvassers knocked on one door after the next. Political leaders wooed supporters. And hands were clasped tightly in the hopes of inspiring the electorate to cast their ballot in an off-year election when turnout is traditionally low.

Throughout the election season, a team of Washington Post photographers traversed the country capturing moments big and small to tell the story of the midterms. We visited local fairs and listened to voters (and perhaps indulged in a fried Oreo), documented the final campaign push across the swing states and learned from those who turned out on Election Day, as well as those who stayed home.

Here we share our favorite moments from this year’s midterms, from the offbeat to the sweet and curious and everything in between.