Nature, as captured by some of the world’s best photographers

A spotted owlet at the National Botanical Garden of Bangladesh. During the day, these birds tend to hide in nests made in the holes of tree trunks. They sometimes peep out to observe their surroundings with their captivating yellow eyes. (Protap Shekhor Mohanto/2023 Sony World Photography Awards)
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A sea turtle glides through the water as a lone diver propels herself beside it. The moon rises above a forest so snow-covered it looks like a drawing from a fairy tale. These and other finalists from the 2023 Sony World Photography Awards capture what’s magical about nature and the world around us. Judges chose the finalists from more than 415,000 images taken in over 200 countries and territories. Winners will be announced April 13.

Some of the best nature photos in the contest appear below. For more images and to learn more about the awards, go to