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Toby Binder has been photographing the life of teenagers in the United Kingdom for more than 10 years. Having worked in Britain and Scotland, it was the Brexit referendum that focused his lens on Belfast.

(Toby Binder)

Mozambique’s president said the death toll in his country might be more than 1,000.

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(Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP/Getty Images)

The widespread destruction across the Midwest has killed at least four people.

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(Daniel Acker / Bloomberg)

A look at the president’s visits, speeches and meetings with dignitaries.

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(Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post)

Nearly 50 acres of giant Tecolote ranunculus flowers bloom for approximately six to eight weeks each year in Carlsbad.

Celebrating during the Holi festival in India, the “worm moon”, opening of the ‘Vessel,’ a honeycomb-shaped sculpture in New York, historic flooding in the U.S. Midwest and more images from around the world.

Residents pride themselves on knowing and taking care of their neighbors.

The Washington Post’s picks of distinguished local homes on the market.

The festival of colors, also known as Holi, is an ancient Hindu tradition celebrated in India.

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After forming an unlikely friendship, photographer Chantal Heijnen spends years photographing a man she and her husband lived with.

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The condos range from $679,000 to $2,899,000.

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Vincent Fournier's new book Space Utopia is full of dreamy images that explore human exploration of space. The collection of photographs, made from 2007 to 2017, show space centers and artifacts that were imperative to early trips beyond Earth's atmosphere as well as current progress towards journeys to Mars.

Images from the Raiders’ victory in the Maryland 4A state championship basketball game

Images from the Gators’ loss in the Maryland 3A boys’ basketball championship game.

Images from the Jaguras’ Maryland 4A girls’ basketball championship victory over the Patriots.

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