Look inside this Georgetown mansion for sale for $6.7 million

This Georgetown building has, over the years, held a sweatshop, stables, an Italian shoe boutique and a video rental store. Now, it’s home to L’Enfant Galerie, a fine arts and antique shop whose clients have included prominent Washingtonians. Take a look inside.

Top-floor residential space has Palladian windows that overlook Wisconsin Avenue NW.

The building combines gallery and residential space.

The top level includes a dining area with two sets of windows.

A bedroom with floor-to-ceiling shelving is used as a closet.

The bathroom attached to the primary bedroom.

Stairs connect the basement to the three levels above it.

The second story is used as an extension of the shop.

Previously part of a one-bedroom apartment, a room is used as a staging area for upcoming exhibitions.

The first floor showcases antiques and art dating to the 1700s.

Windows surround display space on the second story.

More display space on the second story.

Chandeliers are displayed above a crowded array of artworks and antiques.

The basement is now used for storage.

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