Why fear of change will drive the GOP presidential primary

Striking poll numbers show the divide in American politics is even deeper than you think.

By Paul WaldmanMay 30, 2023

DeSantis’s shameless defense of the Amanda Gorman fiasco is revealing

Ron DeSantis actively wants book removals in Florida to erupt in controversy.

By Greg SargentMay 26, 2023

Tim Scott takes precisely the wrong lessons from his inspiring life story

He says his story shows what's "possible" in America. But you shouldn't have to be a superstar to have a secure life.

By Paul WaldmanMay 25, 2023

Target’s surrender to MAGA rage shows how anti-wokeness really works

A right-wing campaign against Target captures an essential truth about our culture wars.

By Greg SargentMay 25, 2023

The House GOP investigations are a joke. But don’t count them out.

Even a nincompoop with subpoena power might be able to create a scandal.

By Paul WaldmanMay 22, 2023

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s impeachment stunt wrecks a big MAGA myth

For MAGA Republicans, the border is not a problem to be solved. It's a realm of fantasy.

By Greg SargentMay 19, 2023

Republicans abandoned urban America, and they’re paying the price

When your party wages a war on cities, don't be surprised if you keep losing elections there.

By Paul WaldmanMay 18, 2023

DeSantis’s book banners face a tough new foe: Angry moms with lawyers

How a lawsuit in Florida could create a new weapon to wield against reactionary culture-warriors.

By Greg SargentMay 17, 2023

The Durham investigation was a flop. But it’s a propaganda triumph.

When you hear Trump and others say Durham proved the Russia scandal was a hoax, they're lying.

By Paul WaldmanMay 16, 2023

DeSantis’s celebration of vigilantism is a new low in MAGA extremism

The right's "tough on crime" politics takes a vile turn.

By Greg Sargent and Paul WaldmanMay 16, 2023

Why the Republican presidential field is so weak

The past eight years have made it so no sensible candidate wants to run.

By Paul WaldmanMay 12, 2023

Trump’s awful threat to separate families should wake up Democrats

The GOP's embrace of an extreme immigration agenda is a big challenge for Democrats.

By Greg SargentMay 12, 2023

How many guns will it take to make us safe?

Gun advocates keep promising that more guns will solve America's gun violence problem.

By Paul WaldmanMay 10, 2023

A Tennessee teacher planned a Mother’s Day class. Then came the MAGA rage.

One more example of how reactionary culture-warriors perpetually manufacture new enemies to hunt.

By Greg SargentMay 9, 2023

The Texas legislature explores new frontiers of Christian nationalism

A young, progressive, Christian, Democratic legislator sounds the alarm and tries to stand in the way.

By Paul WaldmanMay 9, 2023

A nasty development in the culture wars invades an affluent N.J. suburb

How an ugly outbreak of culture-warring illustrates a darker mission of the right.

By Greg SargentMay 5, 2023

I, too, am a hardscrabble American

Ron DeSantis tries to grab some "authenticity" by claiming he's from Ohio, kind of.

By Paul WaldmanMay 4, 2023

Democrats finally seem terrified of GOP debt limit lunacy. About time.

Democrats must accept the full implications of Republican recklessness and radicalization.

By Greg Sargent and Paul WaldmanMay 3, 2023

Why ‘right to repair’ could be the next big political movement

It's a rare bipartisan issue: Manufacturers shouldn't be able to tell us what we can and can't do with our own stuff.

By Paul WaldmanMay 3, 2023