Why Trump’s private comment about hanging Mike Pence really matters

Trump may have seen the January 6 mob as a weapon he could use.

By Greg Sargent and Paul WaldmanMay 25, 2022

Yes, this absolutely is who we are

We won't solve gun violence by looking for the goodness in our national heart.

By Paul WaldmanMay 25, 2022

How Democrats can address our hopelessness about child massacres

Amid the Uvalde horror, Democrats need to tell voters what a specific path to action looks like.

By Greg SargentMay 25, 2022

‘Great Replacement Theory’ isn’t about voting. It’s about whiteness.

We need a better understanding of what exactly some Americans are afraid of.

By Paul Waldman and Greg SargentMay 24, 2022

Why is the right ignoring the Southern Baptist abuse scandal?

Republican politicians and QAnon are more interested in imaginary sexual abuse than the real kind.

By Paul WaldmanMay 24, 2022

The looming humiliation of David Perdue will show Trumpism’s limits

Let's hope Perdue's vile and vacuous form of politics is decisively repudiated.

By Greg SargentMay 24, 2022

Are Democratic attacks on the GOP over democracy missing their mark?

Voters have to understand the threat to the 2024 election.

By Greg Sargent and Paul WaldmanMay 23, 2022

Jared Kushner’s follies show that ‘corruption’ has lost all meaning

To the GOP, integrity is "corruption" and Trump and his self-dealing cronies are innocent. But it didn't start with him.

By Paul WaldmanMay 23, 2022

A harsh new ad hitting Elise Stefanik tests ‘replacement’ attack

Will corporate America continue bankrolling GOP purveyors of "great replacement theory"?

By Greg SargentMay 23, 2022

After Buffalo massacre, Republicans double down on ‘great replacement’

After a killer echoes their ideas, the GOP becomes more convinced than ever.

By Paul WaldmanMay 20, 2022

Joe Manchin’s trail of destruction is about to get much worse

How Manchin's outsize power could do more long-term damage than you think.

By Greg SargentMay 20, 2022

Jan. 6 panel just dropped a big hint. They’d better have the goods.

Did Republican members lead "tours" of the Capitol for insurrectionists?

By Greg Sargent and Paul WaldmanMay 19, 2022

The baby formula battle shows a stark imbalance between the parties

The government is trying to solve the formula shortage while Republicans continue to blame Biden.

By Paul WaldmanMay 19, 2022

Trump’s alarming GOP primary wins demand a serious response

The true nature of the threat is coming into sharper view. Will we act?

By Greg SargentMay 19, 2022

Voters are finally seeing how political the Supreme Court really is

It's been that way for a long time, but now no one can deny it.

By Paul Waldman and Greg SargentMay 18, 2022

Gun sales have exploded. Funny, that didn’t make us all safer.

The gun advocates are proven wrong yet again.

By Paul WaldmanMay 18, 2022

Say it clearly: Republicans just nominated a pro-Trump insurrectionist

We need to be much clearer about what's really on the ballot this fall.

By Greg SargentMay 18, 2022

Democrats are crafting a response to Buffalo. What will the right do?

In theory, both sides could find an agreement on fighting domestic terrorism. Unless the right chooses otherwise.

By Paul Waldman and Greg SargentMay 17, 2022

Disturbing primary elections show how the GOP normalizes extremism

When dangerous GOP extremists emerge, the party approaches them with kid gloves.

By Paul WaldmanMay 17, 2022

A woman who takes on neo-Nazis sees ominous signs in mass shooting

Amy Spitalnick, who sued Charlottesville white supremacists and won, sees a dark struggle ahead.

By Greg SargentMay 17, 2022