Worries about Russia tempered by a faith in NATO and democracy.

On this episode of "Posting Up," host Tim Bontemps talks to K.C. Johnson from the Chicago Tribune about the past, present and future of the Chicago Bulls.

On the latest edition of "Posting Up," host Tim Bontemps answers questions from Twitter about the NBA, NCAA Tournament and more.

In a setback for the president, a vote on the GOP health care overhaul plan was delayed Thursday. How does it affect Trump's promises to voters? The Post's Mike DeBonis explains the politics, and we talk to Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) about what's next.

Trump’s budget proposes massive cuts to the arts, science and the poor: Can he do that? The Post’s Kelsey Snell weighs in on whether Trump’s requests will be met. Plus, Maryland Sen. Chris Van Hollen shares how Democrats in Congress are reacting.

“It's not been clear what the policy is on any given issue.”

How unusual is Trump's behavior toward the media? Media columnist Margaret Sullivan weighs in on that question and on what's at risk for American democracy. Plus, WHCA president Jeff Mason shares what it's really like to be a member White House press corps.

Ciquizza makes you smarter! And better looking!

A master class in the relationship between party and president: The Post’s Robert Costa explains who’s running the show in Washington. He talks to GOP insider Grover Norquist on party unity under Trump and what it means for their agenda in Congress.

“The average enslaved person was sold about four or five times in a lifetime.”

On the latest episode of "Posting Up," host Tim Bontemps discusses Kyle Lowry's injury, the trade deadline, the buyout market and more.

David Fahrenthold breaks down Trump’s many businesses, his complex foreign ties and the emoluments clause.

Ranking the dirty dozen in this week's episode of Ciquizza!

"Hey, man, this is a flannel shirts and jeans job, not a suit, tie, makeup, lights, camera, action job."

Trump is the first major party nominee in decades to not release tax returns. What happens now that he's president? Does Flynn's resignation change things? Plus, Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. (D-N.J.) on Democrats' efforts to make Trump's returns public.