The lighter side of "Cape Up."

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As powerful as it was to change the Constitution after the Civil War, and enshrine racial equality into our governing document, that wasn’t enough to change the reality of life in America.

In the aftermath of violence in Charlottesville, we examine the history of political appeals to white fear and how past presidents have responded to crises. The award-winning Wesley Lowery weighs in on the state of race relations in America.

“It is incredible to me that it is newsworthy in 2017 that the president of the United States has condemned racism and white supremacy.”

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What makes someone American? A landmark Supreme Court case in 1898, involving a child born in San Francisco to Chinese immigrant parents, would help answer that question.

With insight from White House reporter Jenna Johnson, we learn the answers to this critical question from an expert in North Korean history and a professor who’s worked in past White Houses on counter proliferation and nuclear arms control.

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Why Trump "allows a big flea-bitten, moth-eaten, couch-looking guy ... to be in his inner orbit."

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In 1879, a case came before a Nebraska courtroom that asked the question: Are Native Americans considered human beings under the U.S. Constitution?

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Can Kelly bring order to the White House? We talk to Kristine Simmons from the Bush White House, Chris Whipple, author of "Gatekeepers: How The White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every Presidency," and reporter Greg Jaffe who's covered Kelly for years.

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