David Fahrenthold breaks down Trump’s many businesses, his complex foreign ties and the emoluments clause.

Ranking the dirty dozen in this week's episode of Ciquizza!

"Hey, man, this is a flannel shirts and jeans job, not a suit, tie, makeup, lights, camera, action job."

Trump is the first major party nominee in decades to not release tax returns. What happens now that he's president? Does Flynn's resignation change things? Plus, Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. (D-N.J.) on Democrats' efforts to make Trump's returns public.

Two fact checkers square off in this week's episode of the Ciquizza podcast.

This is “a 12-month enterprise, not just a three-month enterprise before the election.”

On the latest episode of "Posting Up," Bill Oram talks about the Lakers bringing back Magic Johnson and what's next for the team's young talent, including Brandon Ingram, D'Angelo Russell and Julius Randle.

On this episode of "Posting Up," Mass Live's Jay King joins host Tim Bontemps to talk about the Boston Celtics and their porous defense of late, as well as what Boston might do at the trade deadline and the excitement about the 2017 NBA Draft.

"Let's learn from Obama and Trump, no matter what we think about them politically."

On this episode of "Posting Up," host Tim Bontemps answers questions submitted to Reddit's NBA page.

We answer that question in this week's episode of Ciquizza!

"It was at that moment he decided I need to do this and do this now.”

There was plenty of knowledge to soak up from 2016. Here are the things you shouldn't forget in the new year.

There are some stars who should shine as always in Week 16, but with the title on the line, a few look like they could burn out against bad matchups.

Drew Brees and some other big-name players dragged down a lot of owners last week. Is it about to happen again?