After winning a special election last year, "We just put our heads down and got to work."

D’Angelo McDade is one of Chicago’s countless forgotten victims of gun violence.

She turned her grief into activism and, now, a seat in Congress.

"When the guy who’s running your shop has no allegiance to what your shop does or who’s in your shop, this is what you get."

"Local-level politics at just this stage in American history seems to be in many places renewing itself."

"The reality is, the Georgia that people think they know is not the Georgia that is.”

The former attorney general isn't thinking about running for president -- until after Nov. 6.

"The greatest orator of the 19th century."

"The merger of infotech and biotech might soon push billions of humans out of the job market and undermine both liberty and equality."

"We've changed our cellphones, we've updated our technology ... But what we're not gonna update our sentencing laws that make us less safe?"

"There have been times in my life where I've been asked to do things, and I've even wondered, ‘Well, can I do this?’"

“This is, I believe, the most important election of our lifetime.”

“We will look back at this moment and see it as one of the great awakenings of our democracy.”

That threat is a constitutional convention called by the states.

He just has to win the Democratic primary first.