• Federal report highlights environmental damage from Trump’s wall

    Bulldozers and excavators rushing to install President Trump’s border barrier could damage or destroy up to 22 archaeological sites within Arizona’s Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in coming months.

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  • The Pentagon does not want war with Iran over the drone attack on Saudi Arabia

    Pentagon officials are recommending a restrained response to the recent attacks on Saudi oil facilities, arguing against a potentially costly conflict with Iran.

  • Drug companies are trying to oust a federal judge ahead of major opioid trial

    Drug companies facing more than 2,000 lawsuits over their alleged roles in the opioid epidemic demanded Saturday that the federal judge overseeing the case step aside, questioning his impartiality.

  • Biden has his best debate yet

    The trio at the center of the stage have consistently held the top places in the polls, with the rest of the candidates trailing far behind and therefore growing increasingly desperate.

  • Trump hires four types of advisers. Bolton was all four.

    The rupture between President Trump and John Bolton, as chronicled in public and in private accounts of administration officials, is a case study of the president’s sometimes Kafkaesque management style.