• Trump may fire Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats

    One adviser who spoke with the president this weekend said Trump is still enraged about Coats’s congressional testimony on national security threats from last month.

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  • States sue Trump to block his emergency declaration

    A coalition of 16 states led by California filed a federal lawsuit Monday aimed at stopping Trump’s plan to build a border wall by declaring a national emergency.

  • Declaring a national emergency may cause Trump to use veto power for the first time

    Congress approved a massive budget deal last night to avert a government shutdown and President Trump promised to sign it, but only after announcing he would also declare a national emergency so he can get more money for a border wall.

  • House advances background check bill ahead of Parkland anniversary

    The House Judiciary Committee passed a measure that would require background checks for all gun sales and most gun transfers within the United States. It is the most significant gun-control legislation to advance this far in Congress in years.

  • Mueller zeroing in on a 2016 meeting at a cigar club

    Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, one of Mueller’s top lieutenants, told a federal judge during a sealed hearing last week that the meeting at the cigar club goes, “very much to the heart of what the special counsel’s office is investigating.”

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