• ‘Unshackled and unleashed’: Trump, post-acquittal

    On Friday's "Post Reports," White House bureau chief Phil Rucker speaks with guest host Caroline Kitchener about how Trump's acquittal has emboldened him and what it means for the presidency at large.

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  • President Trump is determined to make an example out of Alexander Vindman

    From "The Daily 202" podcast: Alexander Vindman, the National Security Council aide who testified during the House impeachment hearings, will be informed by a political appointee at the White House in the coming days that he is being pushed out.

  • How Mitt Romney decided to vote for convicting Trump for abuse of power

    From "The Daily 202" podcast: Mitt Romney sealed a place in history yesterday by voting to convict President Trump of abuse of power, becoming a lone voice of dissent in the Republican Party.

  • A president acquitted. The balance of power tested.

    The Senate has said yes, the president can do that, regarding his conduct in Ukraine. So what does Trump’s acquittal mean for the powers of the presidency? On “Can He Do That?” editor Marc Fisher talks about the future of our country’s balance of power.

  • President Trump acquitted

    President Trump will remain in office after the Senate votes to acquit. On Post Reports, Congressional reporter Mike DeBonis walks us through Sen. Mitt Romney's surprise vote, and why it didn't make a difference in the end.