• Are Cities Getting Smarter?

    Innovative startups and advocates who are working with urban communities to create the digital infrastructure for the cities of tomorrow discuss the opportunities and challenges of smart cities.

  • About the show

    A podcast from Washington Post Live, the newsroom’s live journalism platform, where top-level government officials, business leaders, cultural influencers and emerging voices discuss the most pressing issues driving the news cycle nationally and across the globe. From one-on-one, newsmaker interviews to in-depth multi-segment programs, Washington Post Live brings The Post’s newsroom to life on stage.

  • The Mobility Outlook: Your Commute 2035

    Mobility innovators and experts, including executives from Uber and Bird, discuss how new kinds of transportation are transforming urban environments.

  • Regulating for the Future: Perspectives from Local Leaders

    South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Chattanooga, Tennessee Mayor Andy Berke, and Charlotte Area Transit System CEO John Lewis discuss how the application of new technologies is improving their respective cities.

  • What's Next: Examining New Approaches to Harm Reduction

    A spotlight on treatment models aimed at minimizing the harmful effects of drug use, including controversial “safe-injection sites” in select cities across the country.

  • On The Front Lines: Addiction in our Communities

    A look at the impact of the opioid crisis on communities in the U.S. and the toll the epidemic has taken on individuals and families. Speakers offer perspectives on treatment access, racial and economic disparities, and promising new prevention models.