• How Trump rewards loyalty

    President Trump commutes the sentence of a political ally. Domestic violence rates rise as the pandemic continues. And a new name for Washington’s NFL team.

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  • A new Hong Kong

    How the democratic dreams of Hong Kong have been muted. Why workers are facing layoffs — again. And Disney World reopens in Florida.

  • Will we ever see Trump’s taxes?

    The Supreme Court has ruled that a New York prosecutor can subpoena Trump’s tax records. Plus, how a nursing home administered a cocktail of unapproved drugs to its residents. And a music critic ventures out to hear live music.

  • Black women to Biden: You owe us

    What black women want from the Democratic Party. The relevance of political conventions during a pandemic. And, what it’s like to get divorced via videoconference.

  • Teaching the human body to fight covid-19

    In the race for a coronavirus vaccine, scientists are turning to RNA testing. How the Small Business Administration funneled money to major chains. And, why historically black colleges and universities face unique challenges during the pandemic.