• Mayors back Bloomberg’s bid

    Joanna Slater on President Trump’s visit to India. Fenit Nirappil asks why D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser supports Michael Bloomberg. And NASA mourns the death of Katherine Johnson, a “hidden figure” during the space race.

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  • Shopping under the influence

    Shane Harris talks about the lingering threat of Russian election interference and how the administration is responding. Abha Bhattarai on a new gimmick from retailers. And Gillian Brockell and Jessica Contrera on the CIA’s rebellious neighbors.

  • Kids are using Trump’s words to bully their classmates

    Michael Scherer on the heated Nevada Democratic debate. And John Woodrow Cox and Hannah Natanson talk about how President Trump’s rhetoric has affected bullying in American schools.

  • ICE is using therapy notes to deport young immigrants

    Hannah Dreier on how the government is using therapists’ notes to keep young immigrants detained. Damian Paletta explains how the coronavirus is affecting the global economy. And Ishaan Tharoor on why the “Nordic model” could be the American Dream.

  • The profane ‘wit and wisdom’ of Mike Bloomberg

    Michael Kranish reports on Mike Bloomberg’s alleged history of sexism and profane comments about women. And Travis DeShong describes a new kind of card game meant to make even people at dinner parties more vulnerable.