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The American War
How America lost its way in Vietnam, and how Ken Burns and Lynn Novick are trying to help us find our way back. A podcast guide to the new PBS documentary, "The Vietnam War."

The Vietnam War ushered in one of the most divisive periods in American history, one that raised questions we still haven’t resolved today. For filmmakers Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, making their landmark documentary about the Vietnam War meant confronting these issues – and their own experiences of the war.

In “The American War,” Washington Post Opinion columnist Alyssa Rosenberg breaks down the series with Burns and Novick, getting the story behind the stories, and grappling with the lessons the United States learned – and failed to learn – in Vietnam and at home.

Listen after each episode of "The Vietnam War" for a new perspective on how the film was made and what it all means.

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Updated: September 29, 2017