A political stalemate with Congress shows few signs of clearing up soon.

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Kim Jong Un is “very smart,” Biden has a low IQ, and North Korea didn’t just launch ballistic missiles, Trump says.

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From lobsters to glaciers, what a firsthand look teaches us about climate change.

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How to talk politics this Memorial Day

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During a visit to Japan, Trump voiced faith in the North Korean leader while taking a shot at Biden as a “low IQ individual,” prompting pushback from Republicans and Democrats.

She twice won statewide in heavily Democratic New York but struggles for attention in a national campaign.

The former vice president is holding far fewer public sessions than his rivals. Events may make that hard to sustain.

“You shouldn’t disseminate information that you know is ultimately doctored,” Texas congressman Will Hurd said Sunday.

President Trump spent his first full day in Japan largely as a tourist but made waves with a tweet that undercut his national security adviser on the threat posed by North Korean missile tests.

Taking stock after days of insults, each side is certain of the upper hand in a fight that shows no sign of waning 18 months before the 2020 elections.

Chip Roy’s decision is reminiscent of the early days of Cruz, who was willing to be disruptive to carry out the role of principled conservative in Congress.

The president pledged an appeal against the decision by what he called “another activist Obama appointed judge.”

"This is false information you are spreading,” CNN's Anderson Cooper told a Facebook executive.

Alabama lawmakers voted to eliminate marriage licenses. Now biased judges can't reject same-sex couples.

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The House speaker continues to express caution, but are events pushing her toward an inevitable but politically risky decision?

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‘Welcome to 1935,’ Rep. Dean Phillips’s brother told him when he arrived at the Capitol to take the oath of office, in a nod to elements of the institution that remain unchanged.

The Forest Service program enrolls more than 3,000 students a year in rural America. In Congress, members of both parties objected to the cuts.

President Trump’s personal lawyer has been seeking to sow doubts about the origins of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

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