While Trump gave Democrats an early reprieve from their internecine policy battles, those fights quickly emerged once the debate shifted from the president to candidates’ visions for what they would do in office. 

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His GOP allies stepped up their attacks on the impeachment inquiry as House committees prepared to hear from another State Department witness central to the Ukraine controversy.

It could change backcountry experiences for visitors.

She still won't say whether it would raise middle class taxes.

The October Democratic debate transcript

A running transcript of the fourth debate between 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidates.

Pete Buttigieg’s uncharacteristically fiery debate: ‘I don’t need lessons from you on courage’

Did the normally sanguine mayor show he can take a punch? Or come across as preachy?

Winners and losers from the October Democratic debate

Who won, who lost, and what changed.

George Kent, the deputy assistant secretary of state responsible for Ukraine, is the latest Trump administration official deposed as part of Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

Beto O'Rourke accused her of being "punitive."

Impeachment has prompted a renewed focus on Russia’s 2016 interference.

Twelve candidates, three hours and a wide-ranging exchange on issues domestic and foreign.

The top candidates are still at the top, and others still struggle, but perceptions have shifted.

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But the senator emerged with a strong performance.

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For the first time, all winners of the “Sammies” are from outside the Washington area, indicative of the 85 percent of federal employees who do not live in the capital region.

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But banning foreign companies also poses a risk to Beijing.

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The intraparty feud comes amid the rapid growth of inequality in the U.S., with the 400 richest Americans tripling its share of the national wealth since the early 1980s

The former vice president’s campaign struggled to gain financial steam in the past three months.

The senator from Vermont wins the backing of the congresswoman from New York, a major coup and a potential blow to Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

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Here's a roundup of eight claims from the fourth Democratic presidential debate of the 2020 campaign.

Get live updates and news as 12 Democratic candidates take the debate stage.

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