The Republican leader is wrong, as the U.S. government continues to borrow heavily to pay for Trump's tax cuts.

As a moderate Republican, he crossed party lines to show support for environmental efforts.

When some suggested the governor did not have the time, he took it personally.

The debt-ceiling fight, explained

Could the United States soon be plunged into a recession and face financial calamity by defaulting on its loans for the first time ever? It’s at least a possibility as a deadline to raise the debt limit comes up in October.

Republicans usually lose shutdown fights. So why are they going there again?

A look at the history of shutdown and debt-ceiling fights.

Trump aims to inject more extreme election conspiracy theorists into GOP

Trump's endorsements have almost uniformly focused on those elevating some of the most extreme false voter-fraud claims.

The U.S. president convened a global meeting aimed at helping boost global vaccination, but the U.S. has ben criticized for hoarding doses.

Trump campaign researchers debunked various conspiracy theories about Dominion Voting Systems rigging the election for President Biden, new records included in a lawsuit show.

The plaintiff challenging the minimum age requirement turned 21 before the ruling took effect.

In a phone call Wednesday morning, President Biden and Macron agreed to meet in person at the end of October and begin a “process of consultations” following France’s outrage over the new AUKUS alliance.

Follow the president-elect’s progress filling nearly 800 positions, among the 1,200 that require Senate confirmation, in this tracker from The Washington Post and the Partnership for Public Service.

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Defenders of the far-right rhetoric on immigration often use the term "legal" in misleading ways.

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If you think the 2020 election was in some way suspect, you've been misled.

The event marks a rare campaign-trail appearance by the former president, who is supporting Cheney as she faces a tough reelection battle.

The lawsuit alleges that Mary Trump and the New York Times participated in an "insidious plot" to obtain records about the former president’s finances.

Thousands of migrants from Haiti are camped out under a bridge in South Texas trying to enter the United States, leading to a fresh humanitarian and political crisis for President Biden.

The Republican blamed the Biden administration for creating “chaos” in the Del Rio area and vowed to beef up border security.

An emotional campaign ad features a victim complaining of McAuliffe's parole policies -- but her shooter has never been paroled.

As viral images circulated of mounted border agents grabbing Haitian migrants, activists reacted with unusually harsh language, suggesting they would no longer give Biden the benefit of the doubt.

The president defended the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and sought to reassure allies that the United States really is back.

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