Federal judges have ruled against the Trump administration at least 63 times, often agreeing with plaintiffs that agency decision-making is arbitrary and capricious.

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White House maintains that the requests are too expansive or infringe on presidential privilege. Democrats say the administration is preventing it from conducting oversight.

The Democratic presidential hopeful supports ending the electoral college system, in favor of a system where "every vote matters."

The team also said it needed to consult with the government to weigh a reply to a Washington Post request.

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Trump on his campaign: No collusion. Trump on Democrats: Yes collusion — lots and lots of collusion.

At a news conference Tuesday, Trump complained that "we use the word 'collusion' very loosely all the time." But he's one of the worst offenders.

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Steve King posts meme warning that red states have ‘8 trillion bullets’ in event of civil war

The Iowa Republican broached the subject in a Saturday Facebook post — a bizarre meme of two fighting Frankenstein figures, one red and one blue.

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Trump is losing so much in court that allies are getting tired of it

A new analysis shows the Trump administration has lost a stunning number of cases in federal courts, and many of the losses have come via basic mistakes and by GOP-appointed judges.

The 2020 presidential contenders have struggled to attract minorities to campaign events.

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In this edition: The House's moderate Democrats look at 2020, Florida re-re-re-considers felon voting, and abortion kind of, sort of enters the presidential debate.

Jair Bolsonaro rode a Trump-like wave of populist anger to topple a left-wing government, and reaps rewards at the White House.

The new rule has spawned creative competition for small donors, with one candidate offering a charitable donation for each $1 given.

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It's a claim his son has been championing without evidence.

There is no requirement for a bond hearing even if they are picked up years after release from custody for crimes that could result in deportation, the court’s conservative majority finds.

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Direct popular vote has majority support — and it has repeatedly worked against Democrats.

U.S.-Saudi Arabia relations have been strained since the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Conway, the husband of one of Trump’s top aides, said in an interview that his tweets criticizing the president are “so I don’t end up screaming at her about it.”

During a meeting with Brazil’s leader, the U.S. president continued to attack McCain, who died of brain cancer seven months ago.

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"I believe we are called on to act."

The former House speaker will serve alongside the Murdochs in his new role.

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A look at the early 2020 jostling.

The Human Rights Campaign and UCLA will host the event the day before National Coming Out Day.

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