Trump’s supporters were determined to have Pompeo enter office without the mark of being the first secretary of state in almost a century to fail a committee vote.

(Alex Brandon / AP)

The former president, 93, was admitted to a Houston hospital on Sunday “after contracting an infection that spread to his blood,” his spokesman said.

The development came just two days before Jackson was scheduled to appear before the Senate.

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Why Mike Pompeo’s Senate confirmation is historic — and not in a good way for Trump

Partisanship, yes. But Trump isn't making life easier for his pick to be secretary of state.

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The Trump White House has turned questioning patriotism into a talking point

Mike Pompeo's confirmation drama just solidified it.

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Trump has some explaining to do about his 2013 Russia trip

A new Bloomberg report disputes Trump's contention to James Comey that he didn't stay overnight in Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant.

Trump has appeared eager to use the visit to solidify his relationship with Macron.

The allegations, first reported in the Wall Street Journal, come amid a wider debate about sexual harassment and misconduct on Capitol Hill.

GOP representative is pursuing legal action to keep his name on the June 26 primary ballot after the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that hundreds of signatures on his candidate petitions were collected by people who did not live in his district.

The case involves a Securities and Exchange Commission decision to penalize an investor for a strategy he pitched at seminars.

The White House appears to be leaving open the door to a presidential pardon — which would only be necessary if there were a crime to pardon.

The president used the term in a tweet last week while railing against “sanctuary” areas in California.

Senior officials made pitches on morning television ahead of what could be an unfavorable report for President Trump’s pick for secretary of state.

Conway flip-flopped on whether the inquiry from Dana Bash was sexist.

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Fox is parroting Trump on Mueller more than the opposite.

The president’s latest comments on Twitter come as trade negotiators wrestle with other thorny issues.

The outgoing senator makes pretty clear which candidate he likes better, and it's not the Republican one.

The senator from California said she changed her stand after being questioned about it during a town hall meeting.

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Walking through what we know about the controversial documents.

Romney hit a roadblock in Utah this weekend on his path to the Senate, underscoring how his past with Trump could hurt him now.

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