Attorney General William Barr is planning to provide an overview of the report at a news conference and later give the document to lawmakers.

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A team of Post reporters will be reading the redacted Mueller report, which is expected to be released Thursday. This page will update frequently with key findings as we go through the document.

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The White House has already been briefed by the Justice Department.

She believes a version will pass despite its recent flop in the Senate.

Barr said things Trump liked, and now he wields huge power. He’s not alone.

One way to Trump's heart (and an administration job): Say what he wants to hear, publicly.

Republicans seem to have already made up their minds on the Mueller report

'Whatever happens on Thursday, Donald Trump is a free man'

3 ways the Mueller report still threatens Trump

We know that it doesn't accuse the president of the crimes of conspiracy with Russia or obstruction of justice. Here's what could still harm him.

Trump hasn't urged more vaccinations, yet.

Private companies are wary of sharing data on hacking attempts with researchers.

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Grab your Venti coffee. Or some whiskey.

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Democratic hopeful Pete Buttigieg's attacks on Vice President Pence have again raised claims that the vice president once backed "conversion therapy."

Most presidential candidates are siding with immigrants at the risk of alienating swing voters in key states won by President Trump in 2016. Some in the party are urging Democrats to include security in their pitches.

The Judiciary Committee chairman said the attorney general is “waging a media campaign on behalf of President Trump.”

President Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns left Democrats to release theirs, and spurred interest in their charitable donations.

The woman placed packages on Air China flights from New York to Beijing that weren’t screened.

The policy was part of her state and local record as a prosecutor that has led to criticism during her presidential campaign

Revelation comes in filing in court case of Trump confidant Roger Stone.

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings requested that Miller appear before the Oversight Committee on May 1 while acknowledging that White House aides typically do not testify.

Arkansas is swapping two 19th-century figures with music legend Cash and civil rights icon Daisy Lee Gatson Bates.

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It ignores Trump's unpopularity and relies on him to focus on the issue.

The congressional delegation and the pro-Brexit members of the European Research Group had a “frank exchange of views,” said Rep. Brendan Boyle.

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Democrats are focused on kitchen-table issues, not Trump controversies, during the two-week recess. Republicans are poised to echo Trump’s refrain of “no collusion.”

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For years before announcing his candidacy, he was a regular guest on "Fox and Friends."

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