The standstill underscores the dysfunction gripping Washington and the president’s seeming indifference to shuttered federal agencies.

(Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post)
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In a new opinion, a judge accuses Ross of misleading Congress and the public.

The majority leader has effectively ceded the talks to President Trump and the Democrats, even though some GOP senators are nervous about the implications at the polls.

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Barr suggests he wasn't actually calling for full-fledged probes of the Clintons, but a newly released email shows he clearly suggested those would be more substantiated than the Russian collusion probe.

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Republicans spent two years resisting Trump’s border wall. What changed?

Republicans seemed to know that Trump’s campaign rally chant didn’t translate to great policy.

The New York Democrat’s announcement on Colbert’s CBS show further crowds the Democratic field for 2020.

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In this edition: Julian Castro hits the Latino campaign trail, Steve King's legacy lives on, trolls shape the 2020 primary, and a campaign logo that absolutely does not belong to Amy Klobuchar.

The Islamophobic message about Tlaib, one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress, drew harsh criticism.

Federal judges have repeatedly halted the president in his efforts to change the immigration system through executive power.

The case emerged from a Miami-area robbery.

Rep. Liz Cheney, the third-ranking House Republican, called on Tuesday for King to “find another line of work.”

Whitaker and the House Judiciary Committee agreed to hold the public hearing Feb. 8. A subpoena, despite being threatened, was never issued for his testimony.

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But there's a big catch.

The former Ohio governor, who hasn’t ruled out a 2020 primary challenge, will serve as a political commentator for the network.

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President Trump’s attorney general nominee William P. Barr said he would publicly release the findings from the Russia investigation with a caveat.

The former congressman and potential presidential candidate lacks a detailed plan. He says he’s open-minded and seeking a national debate.

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The GOP's response magnifies its silence on past racially charged comments by the president.

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In 1987, he made the case for cutting down on foreign spending.

In a morning tweet, the president wrote that “only a Wall” will keep the United States safe.

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Barr's views on the Mueller probe -- and what he would do with it as attorney general -- were front and center.

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A look at recent coverage.

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