Supreme Court rules for Jack Daniel’s in fight over poop-themed dog toy

The Supreme Court sided with Jack Daniel’s in a trademark fight with a company that recast the whiskey’s well-known bottle as a squeaky, chewable dog toy.

By Ann E. MarimowJune 8, 2023

Supreme Court: Alabama’s voting maps unfair to Black residents

The decision was a surprise from a court whose conservative majority had signaled it was suspicious of prioritizing race over traditional redistricting techniques.

By Robert BarnesJune 8, 2023

A bill to protect outdoor workers in extreme heat failed in New York

The outcome reflects a continued debate over labor protections in response to climate change.

By Tamia FowlkesJune 8, 2023
The FixAnalysis

DeSantis ushers in our fake-images-in-politics nightmare

The DeSantis campaign crossed a line by using fake images of Donald Trump and Anthony Fauci hugging. And it’s unapologetic.

By Aaron BlakeJune 8, 2023

Tracking the major Supreme Court decisions of 2023

The Supreme Court decided a key voting-rights case in June, and ruled for Google and Twitter in big tech cases. Here's what other decisions are coming up.

By Robert Barnes, Ann E. Marimow and Nick MourtoupalasJune 8, 2023

Did Chris Christie really destroy Marco Rubio?

Christie says he could do to Trump what he did to Rubio at a 2016 debate. Rubio has disputed that Christie “ended” his campaign.

By Aaron BlakeJune 7, 2023

The electoral threat of another Trump indictment

New data suggests a classified documents indictment would be more problematic for Trump than the hush money indictment, with half of Americans saying a conviction would be disqualifying.

By Aaron BlakeJune 7, 2023

Tucker Carlson’s dizzying retreat from his big Ukraine conspiracy theory

On the first episode of his new Twitter show, Carlson launched into one speculative theory while disowning his biggest one.

By Aaron BlakeJune 7, 2023

A big GOP split on the debt ceiling: Pre-Trump vs. post-Trump

The House vote was bipartisan. But Republicans elected in the Trump era were much more likely to vote "no" (41 percent) than others (17 percent).

By Aaron Blake and Dan KeatingJune 6, 2023

Biden says Americans can trust Justice Department as it investigates Trump

“I have never once, not one single time, suggested to the Justice Department what they should do or not do relative to bringing a charge or not bringing a charge,” the president said Thursday. "I'm honest."

By Mariana AlfaroJune 8, 2023

Biden and Sunak reaffirm support for Ukraine amid counteroffensive

In contrast to leaders past, Biden and Sunak two have little personal history — and Brexit has tarnished the “special relationship.”

By Tyler Pager and William BoothJune 8, 2023

Biden decries rash of ‘cruel’ state laws targeting rights of LGBTQ+ individuals

President Biden forcefully pushed back against a rash of “cruel” state laws curtailing the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals, including transgender youths, saying the measures are being adopted by “prejudiced people.”

By John WagnerJune 8, 2023

Past cases persuaded Justice Dept. officials to shift Trump case south

Prosecutors appear close to a charging decision and have told Donald Trump's attorneys he is a target of their Mar-a-Lago classified-documents investigation.

By Devlin Barrett, Spencer S. Hsu, Jacqueline Alemany, Perry Stein and Josh DawseyJune 8, 2023

As AIDS epidemic raged, a rogue Reagan official taught America the truth

The Reagan administration thought Surgeon General C. Everett Koop would put his faith above public health. Instead, Koop sent all Americans a mailer on AIDS.

By Alexandra M. LordJune 8, 2023

Who is running for president in 2024? Tracking candidates.

We are tracking the Democrats and Republicans who have announced they are running for president in the 2024 election and who might announce next.

By Hannah Knowles, Amy B Wang, Kati Perry and Szu Yu ChenJune 8, 2023
The FixAnalysis

Pence’s pained response on indicting Trump

“No one’s above the law." Pause. “But."

By Aaron BlakeJune 8, 2023

Comer cancels Wray contempt hearing after reaching agreement on document

At issue is a document containing unverified allegations from a confidential informant about President Biden and his family.

By Perry Stein, Jacqueline Alemany and John WagnerJune 8, 2023

Pat Robertson, televangelist who mixed politics and religion, dies at 93

With a mass TV following, he spearheaded a powerful political coalition of religious conservatives.

By Matt SchudelJune 8, 2023

Can postal cops patrol street crime? USPS says no, but union says yes.

Street crimes against letter carriers, mailboxes soar, but USPS says it has no authority to deploy postal cops away from USPS facilities. That is in dispute.

By Joe DavidsonJune 8, 2023

This county backed every president since 2000. What about 2024?

In Wisconsin’s Door County, an influx of migrants and acute labor shortage are shaping the views of residents as they consider 2024 presidential candidates.

By Danielle Paquette and Sabrina RodriguezJune 8, 2023

Pence unleashes sharp attacks on Trump as he launches White House bid

In his kickoff speech, the former vice president hit Trump on several fronts, including the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol and Trump’s attempts to overturn his 2020 election loss.

By Marianne LeVine and Ashley ParkerJune 7, 2023

Tom Perez to join White House as senior adviser

Perez, a former DNC chair, will serve as the main White House liaison to governors, mayors and other elected officials outside Washington.

By Tyler PagerJune 7, 2023

Utah GOP Rep. Chris Stewart sets resignation date for Sept. 15

The departure of Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah), an author and retired Air Force pilot, would reduce the GOP's already-slim margin in the House until a replacement could be elected.

By Mariana AlfaroJune 7, 2023

House heads home after hard-right Republicans defy McCarthy, block legislation

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) admitted he was "blindsided" by the rebuke, but insisted the Republican caucus would emerge stronger.

By Amy B Wang, Marianna Sotomayor, Leigh Ann Caldwell and Paul KaneJune 7, 2023