After transition team lawyer accuses special counsel of improperly obtaining emails, president says, “Not looking good.”

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Trump thinking the GOP went 5-and-0 in congressional races this year may explain why he thinks 2018 will be a success.

The tax plan cometh.

The 'Mnuchin rule' is ba-ck.

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The White House’s odd statement about giving U.S. intelligence to Putin

The White House's statement sounds a lot like it was drafted by the exclamation-pointer in chief.

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Public media has been plagued by sexual misconduct accusations, but donations keep flowing

Image-wise, it's been a bad couple months. Business-wise, things are humming along.

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Two reasons Trump loves one media merger but hates another: Fox News and CNN

The president contends that Disney-Fox “could be a great thing for jobs” but that AT&T-Time Warner is “not good for the country.”

Four ways this could be a Pyrrhic victory.

There's a new project on Bureau of Land Management property.

The U.S. excels at delivering international humanitarian relief. But FEMA has a different mission.

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In a speech Monday, Trump will present plan that follows his “America First views.

Here are the 10 fact checks that most captivated — or angered — readers in 2017, along with our most viewed videos and other content.

Here are the 10 fact checks that most captivated — or angered — readers in 2017.

“But the word is John will come back if we need his vote,” Trump says.

The special counsel’s office said, “we have secured either the account owner’s consent or appropriate criminal process” during the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

President Trump told reporters on Dec. 17 that Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) would return to Washington if his vote was needed to pass the tax overhaul bill.

President Trump spoke to reporters on Dec. 17 after special counsel Robert S. Mueller III obtained emails from President Trump’s transition team.

Politicians continued to debate the merits of the Republican tax overhaul on Dec. 17. The House could vote on the bill as soon as Dec. 20.

Some who watch the spectacle of long lines in inclement weather say there must be a better way.

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The Trump administration’s consideration of a wage freeze for federal employees is one piece of a renewed multifront Republican push to shrink those workers’ pay, benefits and workforce. That effort has been around for years, but it now has an intellectual champion in the White House, and I don’t mean President Trump. Confidential administration information […]

The freshman lawmaker is the seventh member of Congress felled by such accusations since October.

The strategy carries risks for a historically unpopular president and could help drive angry Democrats to the polls.

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Eight octogenarians occupy powerful posts. Senate leaders have paused action at least three times this year to accommodate ailing colleagues.

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