The president’s post-election outbursts during his Paris trip include a testy call with the British prime minister and threats to fire aides.

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The Supreme Court justice was discharged from the hospital on Friday after falling in her office.

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Midterm turnout is estimated at the highest in a century. Why?

The U.S. president attacked the French leader — and head of state of a U.S. ally — on multiple counts Friday.

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Matthew Whitaker’s shaky legal footing, explained

Whitaker is relying upon an 1898 Supreme Court case that differs in many respects from his own situation.

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A banner year for LGBT candidates got even stronger with Kyrsten Sinema’s Senate win

It isn’t shocking given the current political climate that more gay politicians are headed to Washington.

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Rick Scott is attending freshman orientation before all the votes are counted. Is that normal?

There is no recent precedent for this.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus pushes back against moderate House Democratic forces.

The court said that Georgia's secretary of state must establish a hotline or website for voters who cast provisional ballots to determine whether their votes had been counted.

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Nielsen's time in the Trump administration shows fealty to Trump is no panacea.

There's a petition circulating.

He would join what’s shaping up to be a historically crowded Democratic field.

There's plenty misleading about Rep. Jason Lewis's op-ed.

They are becoming a global political force of their own.

An estimated 2.6 million Americans living abroad are eligible to vote. Only 4 percent voted in 2014.

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But no matter what, it will have political consequences.

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A new study shows how a U.N.-backed justice commission helped lower the murder rate.

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Gerrymandering might be an even bigger issue at the state legislative level than at the federal level, but it doesn't get talked about as much.

California has been a leader in the resistance to Trump, and his disdain for it has been evident during repeated bouts of wildfires and other difficulties.

We counted.

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The president's Twitter feed is often inaccurate, but he has topped himself in recent days with tweets on forest fires, elections and stocks.

Unions and civil rights groups are among those going to bat for the longtime Democratic leader.

This year’s midterm elections have unleashed a new level of vitriol over the results in certain closely fought races.

Sinema, who defeated fellow congresswoman Martha McSally, will replace Republican Sen. Jeff Flake

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