“He brings you into his narrative. You can’t resist. It’s kind of a mind trap,” says author Bret Easton Ellis. “Trump is a great unifier in some horrifying way.”

(Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post)

McGahn had been scheduled to appear before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday to answer questions following the release of the Mueller report last month. 

“If they do something, it’ll be met with great force. But we have no indication that they will,” Trump told reporters Monday outside the White House.

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How far did the eventual president of the United States go to hide his Russian business deals with voters? Congress wants to know.

4 important points about Michael Cohen’s big allegation against Jay Sekulow

1) It's not clear Sekulow knew that the testimony was wrong, and 2) Mueller wasn't able to interview Trump's personal attorneys as part of his probe.

Justin Amash dismantles Barr’s and the GOP’s defenses of Trump

The Michigan Republican's call for impeachment is a repudiation of both Trump and Attorney General William Barr.

Republican Illinois lawmakers' frustration with with Democratic-leaning Chicago is a symptom of a larger rural-urban divide, researchers say.

Jay Sekulow previously denied a claim by President Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen that Sekulow made changes to his 2017 statement to Congress about the project.

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A central part of Trump's 2016 election.

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Trump says he is ‘being played’ by Democrats on infrastructure. Let’s go to the tape.

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With agriculture reeling from his trade war, the president opens the door to migrant farm labor.

Interviews with African American voters and activists in three competitive states reveal stark differences in whether to be pragmatic or ideological when it comes to electing a candidate to take on President Trump.

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The South Bend, Ind., mayor is hoping that calling out Trump’s favorite network and how its personalities have misled its viewers may ultimately be more winsome than ignoring Fox viewers altogether.

An exclusive look at how “Stand Together” plans to engage differently on politics and policy.

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A look at how the dynamics of impeachment change — or don't — now that a House Republican says it should be considered.

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And why shouldn't he?

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He's bringing the "Do Not Track" idea back again.

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The Republican congressman from Michigan, who called for Trump's impeachment this weekend, has threatened a Libertarian Party bid for president. He could damage Trump in that and some other key states.

They're writing rules even as the administration relaxes them.

Buttigieg also defended his decision to appear on the Fox network, days after Elizabeth Warren spurned it.

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