The president said immigrant parents could be “murderers,” and he continued to falsely blame Democrats for the policy.

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Justice Kagan offered specific instructions for how plaintiffs could resuscitate the case.

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Nearly 300,000 federal employees already are eligible to retire, underscoring that many work past -- sometimes long past -- their eligibility date.

Wait, why are we talking about it again?

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The GOP backs Trump on separating families at the border — which is all he cares about

A new poll shows Republicans support the policy 55 percent to 35 percent, and their support might even rise.

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The Supreme Court just gave Republicans a big break on gerrymandering

The court decided not to rule partisan gerrymandering unconstitutional, pausing efforts by Democrats to change the maps in time for the 2018 and 2020 elections.

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How images of separated children are shaping the immigration debate

As cable news has become saturated with images of children fenced in and sleeping on floors, the White House has joined the outrage chorus — while blaming Democrats.

It's less popular than the GOP tax bill, the border wall and many, many other policies.

The Senate candidate, in remarks to voters in Utah, avoided blaming President Trump or the Department of Homeland Security for the humanitarian crisis.

The high court will consider limits on the common, controversial practice of asset forfeiture.

“We will not apologize,” the DHS secretary said during a day-long defense amid a growing political uproar over the practice and the administration’s erroneous claims.

Trump used immigration to his benefit in 2016, but the issue is alienating 2018 voters.

The Trump administration is lobbying lawmakers to strip the Senate‘s punitive measures against the telecom giant.

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A surge in smuggling cited by Kirstjen Nielsen means that 191 of 30,911 family units are suspect.

Pelosi led a group of House Democrats as they toured a San Diego facility housing migrant children separated from their parents.

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Senators tried to impress upon the president that they needed to reach a bipartisan agreement.

On Twitter, the president urged lawmakers to pass a comprehensive immigration bill, while a White House spokesman accused Democrats of playing politics.

Michael Horowitz revealed the continued investigative work Monday during a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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Trump tried to both argue that border protections were too weak and too strong.

The 5-3 ruling upholds a judge’s limited explanation of a sentencing decision.

In a tweet, the former Florida governor and onetime GOP presidential candidate, criticized Trump.

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