With a few quirky exceptions, many of the president-elect’s picks are within the bounds of orthodox GOP views.

(Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post)

A Harvard conference and an Ohio rally underscore the divisions after campaign 2016.

“Donald Trump . . . [ is] a job creator, and so am I,” says GOP Del. Glenn R. Davis Jr.

Authorities in North Dakota are bracing for the arrival of more than 2,000 veterans joining the protests this weekend.

Donald Trump keeps confirming fears about his diplomatic skills

As with Mexico, another Trump diplomatic call turns into a he-said-they-said.

In nearly every swing state, voters preferred Hillary Clinton on the economy

It's just that voters worried about immigration and terrorism preferred Trump by more.

Despite what he says, Donald Trump did not ‘do great with everybody’

Exit polls belie Trump's rosy depiction of his support.

The justices will consider the possible influence of race on the state’s congressional map.

Trump and his backers have filed challenges against the Green Party candidate’s efforts over the past two days in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

The president-elect tends to echo the person he last spoke to — or what he last saw on TV.

Some are puzzled by the president-elect’s decisions but say they still trust him.

The Washington Post’s Jia Lynn Yang explains the backstory on relations between the U.S., China, and Taiwan, and the ramifications of Friday's telephone call between president-elect Donald Trump and Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen.

The 16-person group, whose membership was announced Friday, will meet for the first time at the White House in early February.

A shouting match at a Harvard forum over the 2016 campaign exposes lingering animosity.

A shouting match erupted at an election postmortem session, where aides from both campaigns met to discuss the election. The Washington Post's Margaret Sullivan and Callum Borchers talk about what happened.

Republicans say they're concerned that the Obama administration may go on a hiring spree before the president leaves office.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence could be one of the most influential vice presidents in history. Here's what he's been tasked with since Election Day.

"Save Medicare for another day,” said Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), chairman of the Senate health committee. “We can't do everything at once, and we shouldn't try."

Reid's last big day in office is expected to conclude next week with a gala in the Kennedy Caucus Room in the Russell Senate Office Building.

The House passed the defense policy bill and the Senate is expected to follow suit next week, but it is not yet clear if Obama will sign.

Sore winners, sore losers and the press in the crosshairs

High-level aides to both the Clinton and Trump campaigns became involved in a heated exchange Dec. 1, during a post-election forum sponsored by Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

The situation is unlikely to improve in Donald Trump's presidential administration after his loud vows on the campaign trail to curtail Muslim immigration to the United States, which helped foster anti-immigrant sentiment.

Members of Congress took the U.S. Department of Agriculture and its Forest Service to the woodshed Thursday, following years of sexual harassment and whistleblower retaliation complaints.

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