The president did not heed written instructions from his national security team asking him to take a tougher tone with the Russian leader

(Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post)
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Millennials overall a much more likely to identify as Democrats.

Congressional negotiators are expected to release a final bill later Wednesday.

"His response to a whole host of policy challenges have been extremely regressive,” said Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y.).

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3 women. 1 day. 3 growing predicaments for Trump.

In just a few hours Tuesday, three women's cases against Trump lurched forward.

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What ‘DO NOT CONGRATULATE’ says about Trump — and the peril of meeting Kim Jong Un

Trump again proves he has no message control, even ignoring an ALL CAPS note telling him not to congratulate Putin.

Even the moderate to liberal SCOTUS justices were skeptical.

GOP governor and Dem congressman both barely fend off challenges.

Mark Zuckerberg will reportedly speak out in the next 24 hours.

The president's tweets are only the latest taking aim at lawyers in his administration.

Corporate managers say this new approach is more effective than PAC contributions.

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Cascading protectionism and trading blocs — minus the United States — are among the worries.

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These two graphs show their transformed chances.

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Seven-term Rep. Daniel Lipinski led by fewer than 2,000 votes over liberal challenger Marie Newman when the race was called.

Gov. Bruce Rauner now heads into November's general election as one of the most endangered governors in the nation.

The Republican National Committee spent roughly $271,000 at President Trump’s private businesses in February.

Carl B. Nett made the threat on Twitter on Tuesday after Rep. John Yarmuth boasted about his F rating from the NRA. Nett later apologized.

The president sought to buck up members of his party increasingly anxious about losing seats in the November midterm elections.

Carson said the decision to replace the furniture was a “facilities” issue and not a decorating one.

House Speaker Paul Ryan says he’s been assured Mueller’s firing is not under consideration.

After weeks of reports about Stormy Daniels, former playmate Karen McDougal filed a lawsuit to break her silence on her alleged affair with Trump and a judge allowed a defamation case bought by reality tv contestant Summer Zervos to proceed.

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