The filing intensified legal pressure on the two former Trump campaign aides.

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The president seems to be trying to bait CNN into a fight with a teenager who survived last week's school shooting.

The former Democrat was praised at one point by the National Review. Now he is the subject of a felony indictment.

Indictment alleges Republican took a nude photo of a woman and used it to blackmail her. He says it's politically motivated and he's innocent.

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Glenn Beck’s dim view of CPAC: ‘Perhaps next year they will book Richard Spencer’

The conservative media icon says the annual conference has devolved into “dangerous populism and nationalism” during Trump's presidency.

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Trump brings the gun-control conversation back to himself and ‘fake news’

School shooting survivors visited the White House and appeared on CNN on Wednesday, but Trump began Thursday by attacking the media.

The U.N. ambassador says both Israel and the Palestinians would have something to like in the forthcoming proposal

The president pledged again Thursday to “take action,” with aides describing him as being in a “listening phase” that is expected to result in legislative proposals and suggestions for policy changes at the state level.

In the aftermath of Florida school shooting, the president has had a week of activity, emotion and new positions on gun measures.

Conservatives at their annual gathering warned about Democrats winning the House and Senate in the midterm — and the impeachment threat to President Trump

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After Thursday, more than half the counts were filed against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates.

Rubio expressed a new openness to tighter gun restrictions in his emotionally charged exchanges with survivors of last week’s deadly shooting and the parents of victims.

His political career was bookended by erudite and intriguing, if ultimately unsuccessful, bids for the Senate in New Jersey.

The Md. congressman took his listening tour to stops in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana.

The governor drank chocolate milk to demonstrate the importance of diversity. The demonstration was the idea of Tyronne Stoudemire, Hyatt Hotels’ vice president of global diversity, who is black.

California lawmakers have designated the entire state a sanctuary for some undocumented immigrants, angering the president.

One year after an acrimonious call that ended with Trump hanging up on him, Turnbull visits Washington as one of Trump’s closest foreign partners.

Legal experts call it a “serious threat” against judicial independence and the rule of law.

The senator from Kansas is a top recipient of donations from the NRA.

Former Conair executive promised thousands for next year’s Trumpettes USA gathering, organizer says

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Generally, the countries with the most deaths from gun violence are not the ones that spend the most on video games. The United States is something of an outlier in that regard, given its high number of gun deaths.

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