Michael Cohen, President Trump’s personal attorney, claims he has the right to seek at least $20 million in damages from porn star Stormy Daniels for allegedly violating a nondisclosure agreement 20 t...

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In the wake of Andrew McCabe’s firing, John Dowd called for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to end the investigation “manufactured by . . . James Comey.”

McCabe's firing is significantly more personal than that of James B. Comey. The question is what he might know about.

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A handful of House and Senate Republicans who won’t face voters in November have been the most outspoken about the party’s path in the Trump era.

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Five reasons Trump would have wanted Andrew McCabe fired

Besides spiting a man the president has pilloried as a deep-state enemy.

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Sean Hannity isn’t just attacking Shepard Smith. He’s attacking the very nature of news.

Hannity says he is the one delivering “REAL NEWS.”

The conservative favorite was the keynote speaker at the latest GOP event to be held at the “Winter White House.”

Republican Danny Tarkanian said he would seek a Nevada House seat instead, removing a headache for the GOP as it tries to preserve or even expand its Senate majority.

A law targets “fake” clinics that the state says trick women and put their health in danger, but these centers say the government can’t force them into speech they don’t believe.

Both campaigns get ready for possible challenge to the final count.

The case raises questions about access that Lebanese American businessman George Nader had to top Trump White House officials.

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An analysis of demographic data.

The Arizona senator amplifies his critiques of the president by taking them to the state that usually hosts the first presidential primary.

The dean of New York’s U.S. House delegation died Friday at age 88.

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Public support and national implementation of the death penalty have been on a long downward trend.

The primary had emerged as an additional hurdle for Heller, who already faced a tough general election in a state that voted for Hillary Clinton over Trump in 2016.

Students take on the gun issue.

As the country grapples with its relationship with guns, six Americans share their experiences and views.

Bob Corker said these people were helping “separate our country from chaos.” So what lies ahead?

The president seems to be sharpening his focus on loyalty.

Where other viewers might see talking heads bloviating about policies, Trump sees people who should be making the policies.

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