For years, Democratic presidential candidates have been skittish about taking liberal positions. The caution has given way to confidence.

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The president says he's acting to protect children. But the fine print of his proposal would make it harder for them to escape violence and poverty in their home countries.

The billionaire and former New York mayor met with Maryland lawmakers in Annapolis.

The bill, which passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, is a warning to Trump not to try to withdraw from the alliance, as recent reports have hinted he is considering.

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Trump shut down the government over his wall. It’s jeopardizing his other priorities.

Immigration policy, the economy, legislative wins and even his own reelection seem to be struggling as the partial government shutdown persists.

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Trump’s defense of Covington teens is latest skirmish in culture war about ‘toxic masculinity’

What Trump has arguably been most successful at since entering the Oval Office is being a leader in the culture wars that his base began fighting long before the New York business executive entered the world of politics.

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The growing ‘leverage’ questions about Trump and Russia

A number of developments in the past month illuminate the specter of Russia knowing something about Trump it could use against him.

The Vermont Democrat was rebuked by critics who pointed out he was neglecting America’s long history of slavery.

The request is the latest move in the standoff between Trump and Pelosi over timing and place of presidential address during the shutdown.

In 2016, he argued that a rigged system hurts everyone. Now, he’s injected the impact of racism.

The Virginia Democrat announced the measure as the partial government shutdown entered its second month.

Wake County Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway indicated he was reluctant to intervene in a matter that falls under the authority of another branch of government.

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In this edition: What South Carolina wants to hear from Democrats, what Bernie Sanders thinks of a centrist third party, and why North Carolina's 9th district can't get a member of Congress already.

The justices delayed action on a host of hot-button issues, but immigration, abortion and sexual discrimination cases are just over the horizon.

The measure, which extends block grants for temporary assistance to needy families, now heads to the president’s desk.

Sen. Joni Ernst said in court records that she turned down Trump "knowing it wasn’t the right thing for me or my family."

Neither measure appears likely to pass, and the action could leave the month-old shutdown no closer to resolution.

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A fight against the media. A defense of religion. A president who needs a boost.

Officials say a final ruling from the court is needed by June.

The Minnesota Democrat said in a radio interview Tuesday that his party should agree to President Trump’s demands to fund a border wall.

In a tweet, the president contended that reporters are rude and do not cover the administration fairly.

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