The document intends to rebut Republican claims that federal law enforcement overstepped in seeking approval to wiretap Carter Page.

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The president couldn't see Jeanine Pirro, so he didn't have to take her cues to stop talking.

A Feb. 20 call between the two ended in an impasse over Trump’s refusal to drop his demand that Mexico pay for the barrier.

Calling into a television show, the president acknowledged the estimated cost of $10 million to $30 million could be a concern.

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Read the Democratic rebuttal to the Nunes memo, annotated

The full memo, with highlights.

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How the NRA came to demonize the media

The gun rights group's anti-media rhetoric has grown ever more extreme over the past two decades.

The president took to Twitter shortly after the release of a document disputing Republican claims about the surveillance of a Trump campaign aide.

The majority owner continues effort to rebrand Trump International Hotel Panama, replace the Trump Organization as manager.

A day after meeting with President Trump, Malcolm Turnbull also said national security and open borders are not mutually exclusive.

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee slammed the news media and Democrats for questions about the Trump campaign.

Pennsylvania’s fight becomes a symbol to both sides for why governors will matter after the 2020 Census.

Immigration used to prompt a vigorous debate at the annual CPAC gathering. Some are now wondering whether the argument inside the Republican Party is over.

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Court-drawn lines in Pennsylvania give Democrats a shot at a four-seat gain — maybe more. Those numbers would put them on a path toward the 24 needed for House control.

The president also proposed on Twitter giving armed teachers yearly bonuses.

It remains to be seen whether the growing drumbeat for reform — from some Republicans, from major corporations, from President Trump and from the country overall — will change a long-standing resistance within the GOP.

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A former communist from Chicago wrote the song in the 1960s, decades before Trump turned it into an anti-immigrant fable.

Rep. Daniel Lipinski (D-Ill.) faces a liberal challenger and a groundswell of opposition that includes several members of his own delegation..

Togo experimented with power-sharing more than a decade ago, with mixed results.

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) is testing the NRA's resolve. And choosing a response won't be easy — especially with President Trump flirting with the same proposal.

The DCCC was clear: It considers Laura Moser a weak candidate. The response? A bump in donations to her campaign.

Video shows Georgia state Rep. Betty Price telling a cyclist's widow she voted against a bill because her colleagues did not accept her version.

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