The Trump administration also plans to oppose other requests from House committees for the testimony of current and former aides, according to two people familiar with the situation.

(Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post)

Divisions in the party were apparent as another 2020 presidential hopeful and a top House committee chairman press for efforts to remove the president from office.

The administration insists the question is important. Critics say asking it will undermine accuracy.

In a radio interview Tuesday, Stephen Moore accused his critics of “character assassination” as his past statements about women come under scrutiny.

A bad time to impeach Trump? Here’s what history says.

History suggests impeachment proceedings take about three or four months, meaning Democrats could get it done well before the 2020 election really gets off the ground.

Young people actually rocked the vote in 2018, new Census Bureau data finds

New data shows what fueled 2018 midterm turnout to the highest level in more than a century

Then vs. now: How Congress changed positions on disclosure between the Starr report and the Mueller report

Congress’s willingness to request underlying evidence from Justice Department investigations often falls along party lines.

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Trump called the CEO of Twitter to Washington, where the president asked about his follower count.

Sanders said his support for voting by all jailed criminals reflects basic rights. The GOP said it’s “beyond extreme.”

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In this edition: A special election on the North Carolina coast, Tim Ryan and the young not-Bidens, and why everyone is wrong about impeachment.

EPIC is a proposed community effort that will make NOAA's weather modeling open to everyone for testing and improving.

The president, deeply unpopular in Britain, will probably not be able to avoid massive demonstrations against his June visit.

Carl Kline had been ordered to testify about security clearances, including Jared Kushner's, that a whistleblower said failed to meet standards.

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Sri Lanka’s social media ban after the Easter bombings may have many unintended consequences.

The panel, which is seeking Trump’s financial records, agreed to delay the deadline until a the court decides on the president’s lawsuit to prevent their release. A hearing has been set for May 14.

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Of course Kushner thinks the investigation of Trump was worse than the election of Trump.

The former vice president will follow that up with a trip Monday to Pittsburgh.

The image-conscious president has requested high-quality prints of newspaper photos of himself and retweeted images taken by photojournalists.

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But those things might not be as correlated as you think.

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Mueller decided it wasn't his place to accuse Trump of obstruction of justice, but on five key events, he seems to believe Trump met the criteria.

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