The president’s attacks and false claims reshape public opinion ahead of whatever the special counsel delivers.

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The senior White House official cited by the Times spoke to dozens of reporters Thursday at the White House and on a conference call to brief them on Trump’s decision earlier that day to cancel his summit scheduled for June 12 in Singapore with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

"A homeowner should not be required to be in business with someone they think is doing something that is immoral,” Rep. Dana Rohrbacher (R-Calif.) told the Orange County Register.

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The stench of Michael Cohen’s consulting business grows

A firm that hired Cohen has denied an affiliated Russian oligarch was involved. But it turns out he and the firm's head met with Cohen three times.

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Did the FBI ‘spy’ on Trump’s campaign?

The president has accused the FBI of “spying” on his campaign. Experts say that’s not quite accurate.

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Treatment and rhetoric about undocumented children put the Trump administration in a new category on hard-line immigration policy

Trump's comments about unaccompanied minors are increasingly raising concerns.

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Female Democratic newcomers capitalize on resistance to President Trump and the outrage of the #MeToo movement to chalk up wins across the country.

While President Trump has tried to shift public attention from the Russia investigation with outlandish claims, special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation has moved quietly, steadily forward.

Grocery store chain suspends political contributions amid anti-NRA protest led by David Hogg

“We are talking to them now,” the president says, as the Kim regime releases a conciliatory statement.

The largest federal employee union said the orders “strip federal employees of their decades-old right to representation at the worksite.”

May 30 is the unofficial date for averting a special election this year if the seat is vacant. A successor appointed by the Republican governor would serve until 2020.

Even the most rural parts of Ireland seem to have voted in favor of change.

Speaking at Harvard University before receiving an award on Friday, Clinton had an answer ready when she was asked which company she would choose to lead now if she had the choice.

Jessica Drake has alleged that Trump improperly touched her in 2006.

The meeting, described as brief and impromptu, adds to long list of contacts between Trump associates and Kremlin-tied Russians during the campaign and presidential transition.

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Sanders holds fewer briefings that last less time and are more likely to include guests.

It was fun while it lasted.

The solicitations, circulated by at least three Chinese companies, have sparked ethical and legal concerns over whether foreigners are using high-dollar fundraisers to gain proximity to the U.S. president.

If there's a bipartisan never-Trump constituency out there, Painter is trying to find it.

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