The president tweeted an allegation without evidence that ballots were missing and forged as a state judge ruled against Scott and urged that rhetoric be toned down.

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Sinema, who defeated fellow congresswoman Martha McSally, will replace Republican Sen. Jeff Flake

Rep. Steve King denied referring to immigrants as "dirt" and accused the Weekly Standard of willfully misrepresenting his comments.

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Foreign countries are increasingly using Trump as a foil — or a punchline

The world can't take its eyes off President Trump. And increasingly, that means government officials and militaries trolling him and using him for strange purposes.

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Florida recount: Here’s what you need to know.

How did we get here, when will it be over, and why are you feeling deja vu?

Unions and civil rights groups are among those going to bat for the longtime Democratic leader.

Cindy Hyde-Smith, a Republican senator from Mississippi, said, “If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row." Now, she's facing a backlash.

The conspiracy theorist said that after two months of providing information to prosecutors, his cooperation “exploded” in recent weeks.

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The president's son shares link; doesn’t click link.

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In races that weren’t uncontested or featuring two members of the same party facing off against one another, the results in 2018 were more favorable to Democrats than the results in 2016 about three-quarters of the time.

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Fraud allegations, without evidence, are dredging up fears that the votes of people of color will not be properly counted.

Democrats are emboldened by the midterm elections, as their expected House majority continues to grow to a dozen seats or more. That has them ready to resist the president.

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It's probably not a Democratic plot to steal Broward County, whatever you heard on "Fox & Friends."

In a tweet, the president characterized what’s coming as “Presidential Harassment by the Dems.”

The Wall Street Journal piece by Lewis, who lost his seat last week, prompted criticism from McCain’s daughter, Meghan, who called it “abhorrent.”

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The Gulf Coast is something else entirely.

The seven lawmakers argued the acting attorney general has “clear bias” against the Mueller probe.

Sen. Patrick Leahy dismissed Trump’s criticism blaming the massive wildfires on poor fire management.

The Ohio Democrat said his Senate campaign provides a blueprint for defeating Trump in 2020.

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