The president said immigrant parents could be “murderers,” and he continued to falsely blame Democrats for the policy.

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All Senate Republicans support a plan to end Trump's policy of separating families at the border.

The relationship between Trumpism and people of color appears most evident in the scandals.

Her argument is flawed but not entirely without merit.

The House is set to take up two immigration bills later this week, but it is unclear whether either can pass — potentially leaving the family separations issue unresolved.

He's holding children hostage without defining his ransom terms.

Brad Parscale tweeted that a Justice Department report gives the president “the truth to end it all.”

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“There are separate facilities for younger children; there are separate facilities for girls,” Rep. Mark Pocan (D) says he was told about the location of female migrants who were separated by the federal government from their parents.

The move came after Jeb Bush and Laura Bush criticized the Trump administration’s family-separation policy.

When you count Ted Cruz as one of your critics, maybe. Breaking down the four GOP factions on border separation.

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Both publicly and internally, the idea of separating families as a deterrent has been repeated.

The difference, according to Sessions, is that Nazis were trying to keep Jews in the country, whereas the Trump administration is trying to keep immigrants out of the country.

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It propelled his victory in 2016, and he has advisers pushing it hard. But polling tells a different story.

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The briefing room Monday became a theater for tragedy — but not for compassion.

It's not just about the hunter's hovercraft.

The president’s pattern of shifting the blame continues.

The Labor Department will finalize an association health plan rule this morning.

But it may have little impact on Trump's policy.

But Trump's threatened tariffs on more Chinese imports could change that.

In rich, experienced democracies, liberal forces have a way of bouncing back.

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White evangelicals support Trump because they fear losing racial status.

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