The choice of the state Agriculture and Commerce commissioner, and former Democrat, was not warmly embraced in the party.

(Rogelio V. Solis / AP)
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Some in the House GOP, already uncomfortable with the spending legislation, are left dumbfounded by the process.

Publicists explain why the CNN and “60 Minutes” newsman is a natural pick.

Daniels has sued Trump, seeking to get out of her nondisclosure agreement.

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This spending bill is probably the last major piece of legislation Congress will pass all year. Also, it’s only March.

Congress struggled to get much done in a non-election year, let alone a year in which Republicans could lose the House.

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Rex Tillerson takes an apparent parting shot at Trump

Tillerson's closing remark was essentially this: Don't be like President Trump.

Democratic Party groups are being pressured by both minority and female candidates and organizations.

His departure comes as Trump has sought new additions to his team dealing with the special counsel investigation.

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New Quinnipiac polling shows that most Americans disagree with Trump's strategy.

Cambridge Analytica was probably the least important factor.

Democrats on the panel are furious with Republicans for what they see as shutting down the probe early, and call the report a move to protect President Trump.

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The exchange between the two politicians signaled there is no bottom for political discourse.

How did the conversation about police reform that so dominated the news fall by the political wayside?

Things were touch-and-go even before the recent shake-up. And history suggests it won't get better.

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Taking a ridiculous prospect semi-seriously.

Hannity: “What if I did say — which I would never say — ‘Crazy Uncle Joe, come meet me in the Octagon’?”

Legislators voted less than 18 hours after leaders released a 2,232-page bill.

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The average member of Congress has been siloed in Washington for at least a decade.

For Democrats who sought preserve energy and environmental programs held over from the Obama administration, the spending package represents a victory.

A massive $1.3 trillion spending deal was, politically speaking, probably the last chance this year for Congress to try to help stabilize the Obamacare marketplaces.

The Facebook chief is getting ready for a possible Capitol Hill grilling.

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