The former vice president’s favored position is counterpoint to President Trump but some want to hear what he would do as the nation’s leader.

In pivotal role, Chief Justice John Roberts lays out what is acceptable for governments.

Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the court’s liberal justices in response to the emergency petition.

The decision marks a significant victory for those seeking to make it easier for voters to cast ballots by mail this fall.

Trump’s disruption campaign strategy | The 2020 Fix

The Fix’s Amber Phillips breaks down how President Trump has tried to shift the focus away from the coronavirus pandemic as the 2020 campaign heats up.

Ted Cruz offers a very strained defense of Trump’s social media executive order

Cruz suggested that social media companies forfeit protections when they are no longer "neutral." But the law has no such requirement.

‘The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.' ‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts.’ Twice in 25 hours, Trump tweets conspicuous allusions to violence.

Trump's dual tweets echo a long-running effort to raise the specter of advocating violence — while exploiting plausible deniability about it.

City officials say police did not fire during the protest Thursday night and that the shots came from within the crowd.

Trump also abdicated the traditional role of an American president abroad on Friday by announcing he was “terminating” U.S. membership in the World Health Organization.

Robert R. Redfield says diagnostic testing would have made little difference, describing it like “looking for a needle in a haystack.”

Trump’s suggestion that authorities would be justified in shooting protesters in Minneapolis seemed antithetical to his condemnation of Bejiing’s crackdown in Hong Kong.

Before greenlighting the event, North Carolina’s top health official said Republicans must explain how they will keep participants safe.

Party officials said they plan to take safety measures to ensure the health of the president and attendees.

Appeals court said he had not shown that officials were indifferent to the threat.

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He cited two shootings to prove that looting led to violence, but one of his examples occurred in a city where no looting took place.

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Polling shows that the president’s normal tweets are received much more positively.

Republicans have seized on accounts of what appeared to be unattended or discarded ballots as proof that mailing ballots to all voters opens the door to massive election fraud.

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The president revealed his real concern about mail-in voting: He’s worried Republicans will lose more elections.

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Nixon won amid the turmoil of 1968, and this crisis could rebound to the president’s benefit.

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Trump can't get black voters to see him as an ally when his base wants him to have an iron fist.

Twitter is a private company that can regulate its content how it wishes

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