Labor unions and liberal organizers have created a model of Latino engagement in Nevada that scarcely exists elsewhere. That’s part of the problem for Democrats.

The president and his Democratic challenger both plan to appear in Minnesota and Wisconsin, while Biden is also touching down in Iowa and Trump is also traveling to Michigan.

The presidential race barreled into a region that gave Trump his win in 2016 and that Biden seeks to deny him next week.

After largely failing to limit access to mail-in voting, GOP now looks to contest votes already cast.

Timeline: The 184 times Trump has downplayed the coronavirus threat

The president's unfailing optimism, over time.

Trump is closing by promising an even harder line on immigration and refugees

A lasting legacy of the Trump administration will be a significant decline in the number of refugees welcomed to the country.

Where the race stands, 4 days from Election Day

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The massive shift to voting by mail this year in response to the coronavirus pandemic has increased the possibility that problems with mail ballots could be a factor in races across the country.

The increase in mail and early voting has changed how and when ballots are counted. Arizona, Florida and North Carolina could provide information quickly, experts say, while states including Pennsylvania and Michigan could lag behind.

The CBC is looking to educate disengaged Black voters about the importance of down-ballot races in this year's election.

“Suburban women, will you please like me?” Trump has asked. “We’re getting your husbands back to work,” he told women at a recent rally.

The former DHS official revealed himself this week as the author of a New York Times op-ed and book sharply critical of President Trump.

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Historically, that's an advantage.

With four days left until Election Day, more than 9 million people have cast ballots already in Texas. Early voting in nearly a dozen other states topped 80 percent of turnout from the last presidential election.

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Trump's closing message aims at the days after the election.

The 5th District race between Bob Good (R) and Cameron Webb (D) has emerged as the most competitive in Virginia.

Federal health officials are telling states to be ready to “pre-position” doses in key locations around the country once a coronavirus vaccine is approved.

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Six in 10 deaths at this point are happening in red counties.

In most states, you can bring a gun to a polling location. But you can't go watch the polls uninvited.

Jennifer Lopez, Judd Apatow and George Lopez were among those who did not make the cut because of their political views, according to documents obtained from contractors.

Trump Jr. claimed the death toll is now approximately "nothing." The reason? Because like many others before him, he apparently didn't read the fine print.

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