Ex-aide Omarosa Manigault Newman’s book-tour allegations rattle the president and wreak havoc on the White House.

(Carlo Allegri / Reuters)
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An estimated 12.1 million Republicans think interference in 2018 wouldn't be a problem at all.

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We break down high-profile races where Trump's presence had a major influence and not-so-major influence

Current and former FEMA leaders acknowledge the agency for years had an ineffective system for dealing with complaints of harassment and other workplace misconduct.l

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DO NOT DENY: More and more, Trump’s own spokesmen refuse to vouch for him

The Trump team’s conspicuous new M.O. on questions about racism, collusion and conspiracies.

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The White House seems to think it’s impossible for Trump to be racist if black unemployment is low

While jobs and the economy are high priorities for black voters, they are not the only priorities.

The former governor was the heavy favorite for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. It turned out he was the wrong candidate in the wrong year.

The artwork promoted a concert that doubled as a fundraiser for Sen. Jon Tester, a Democrat seeking reelection.

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Tim Pawlenty's not wrong about the change in his party, though it may not explain his loss.

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The Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General found medical reexaminations were unnecessary in 37 percent of the cases studied, wasting millions of dollars and potentially more than $100 million over five years.

The dispute over a nondisclosure agreement hinges on whether the former White House employee is viewed as a private citizen or government worker.

Two Midwestern and two deep blue states selected their candidates Tuesday.

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The bad math behind Sarah Huckabee Sanders's totally incorrect jobs numbers.

Ryan Zinke is the latest one to eschew such questions.

A radio ad by the Congressional Leadership Fund takes aim at Bryce, who prevailed in Tuesday’s primary.

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A new poll shows 69 percent of Republicans think it's never okay to accept opposition research from a hostile foreign power.

Tax Foundation's new report says it will take years.

It's at the heart of their midterm strategy.

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More than a dozen states this year have considered 50 measures to curb state courts' power.

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But Trump-like candidates winning in primaries doesn't necessarily equate to winning in November. In fact, some Republicans fear it could be the opposite.

It’s a strategy straight out of the 1990s. The question is whether it has mileage this century.

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