The Republican nominee tries a gambit that has failed before.


They say the new system makes both voters and election results vulnerable to hackers.

Democrats hope to use an advantage in organizing power to return the state to their column.

The president made a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a central part of his foreign policy, to little avail.

"I don't like the idea of losing any seats," Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) said. "I think a good night is keeping our strong majority."

"Do you think Hillary got immunity?" Trump asked a rally crowd Thursday in New Hampshire.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell say the new law may have to be revisited.

Donald Trump regularly attacks Bill Clinton over his past sex scandals, but it turns out Trump had some harsh words for one of Clinton's accusers in the past.

Thursday’s list includes three former members of Congress, a dozen former high-ranking members of Republican administrations and others.

When Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke about Chicago gun violence at a rally in Bedford, N.H. Sept. 29, a member of the crowd yelled, "Yes, we can." Trump laughed saying, "That can only happen in New Hampshire."

Speaking at a rally in Bedford, N.H. Sept. 29, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump accused rival Hillary Clinton of trading speaking fees for access as secretary of state.

At least 19 dead Virginians were registered to vote in this critical swing state.

With both presidential nominees opposed to ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, that could be the deal's death knell.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton held a rally in Des Moines Sept. 29, the first day Iowa residents could vote early in the general election.

Speaking at a Des Moines rally Sept. 29, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton slammed opponent Donald Trump for what he has said about his tax payments.

Kellyanne Conway appears to acknowledge a Trump business's spending there in 1998, possibly creating a problem for him, particularly in battleground Florida.

Democrats hope to retake the Senate in November, but they'll need to flip at least four seats to do it.

Charles Phalen is the first director of NBIB, created in January to strengthen and modernize a clearance process that has suffered from backlogs, cheating by a major contractor and high-profile lapses.

"He understands America’s position in the world, and we are certain that once the weight of leadership is on his shoulders, he will meet that responsibility," the Detroit News wrote.

The justices will consider whether a U.S. law barring registration of “disparaging” names violates free speech.

The Washington Post explores the origins of Donald Trump's transformation from a businessman to political candidate.

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