The Republican National Committee’s goal: Throw President Trump’s opponents off stride.

(Bonnie Jo Mount / The Washington Post)

Increased turnout among African Americans, who are the Democratic Party’s most reliable voters, could make the difference in some close races.

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A lot of people would like to compare Trump's comments to other scenarios. Here is a checklist to determine if those comparisons are apt.

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The GOP's efforts to win black voters will likely continue to fail.

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We knew Trump wouldn’t condemn a congressman for assaulting a reporter. Now, he celebrates it.

This comes during a week when the probable killing of another journalist has caused international outrage.

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While the Elizabeth Warren-DNA news cycle plays out, issues Native Americans actually care about aren’t getting any attention

This week saw a huge increase in political stories featuring issues related to Native Americans, but it wasn’t the type of attention that Native Americans would have hoped for. After Sen. Elizabeth W...

A shouting match erupts outside the Oval Office over immigration.

Jon Tester and Jacky Rosen got the company's backing.

Protecting preexisting conditions is hugely important to voters.

The ride-sharing company took a $3.5B investment from Saudis in 2016.

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Rallies called by Abolish ICE, Black Lives Matter, and Stop Kavanaugh went on as well.

Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Jeff Flake were among the targets of the outgoing U.N. ambassador’s jokes.

Big players are making their case Down Under.

Rep. French Hill (R-Ark.) condemned a super PAC's ad that was intended to support his reelection campaign in the state's Second District.

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IRS vigilance is strong, but not strong enough. There are holes in the electronic fence protecting taxpayer data, gaps the agency must move quickly to fix.

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We're all in trouble if exporting hit squads becomes the new normal.

  • Deborah Avant
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Both real and fictional campaign operatives seem to believe that wood chopping makes for strong political messaging.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised more than $22 million last month, beating records as individual candidates rake in small-dollar donations.

It's been a crazy week (again)

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The WHO urged neighboring countries to be prepared — but there are political reasons the virus can thrive in a border zone.

  • Lindsay Scorgie-Porter
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Yet another attack ad features Washington Post Pinocchios even though we never fact-checked a rival's ad

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