The operatives unloaded on the special counsel via fake accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond.

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The New Jersey Democrat reminds voters that they have let go of traditional family standards.

The agreement with the New York attorney general comes amid an ongoing lawsuit against the charity and Trump and his three eldest children, who allegedly allowed “persistently illegal conduct” at the foundation.

McSally, who lost a close race for the state’s other Senate seat in November, is expected to run in a 2020 special election.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez highlights how rare self-care is among the working class and people of color

Taking a break makes us healthier and happier. But for too many, it's a luxury.

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Trump backers just had their anti-Mueller hopes and dreams dashed

They hoped Judge Emmet Sullivan would blow the lid off the whole thing and allege prosecutorial misconduct in the Michael Flynn case. The opposite happened.

The U.S. ambassador says Palestinains have more to gain from an agreement, but she stops short of promising a separate Palestinian state.

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In scale, message and targeting, there's little evidence the Russian effort had much effect.

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Former acting U.S. solicitor general Neal Katyal argued as much this week. Here's what he's comparing it to.

Press secretary Sarah Sanders said the former FBI director is “the last person that we’re going to take any type of lecture from.”

The Trump administration wants to avoid a partial government shutdown and has found other ways to get the border wall money it wants, spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said Tuesday. Sanders’s comments come four days before large portions of the federal government will begin shutting down unless Congress and Trump reach a budget deal. The two sides […]

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Once again, Trump uses the idea of missing information to suggest nefarious behavior.

The GOP primary to succeed the old bull could become a battle for Tennessee’s soul.

Over more than two hours Tuesday morning, the president lashed out at the Russia investigation, the Federal Reserve, social media companies and undocumented immigrants.

Environmentalists warn that things might not get better for them.

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They're not happy after new reports show Russians targeted minority voters.

The president has been silent on Wall Street's tumble.

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Democrats have made more than a dozen attempts to obtain President Trump’s tax returns over the past two years. Now back in the majority, they may be poised to finally see them.

Some experts say it's not enough amid the opioid crisis.

But some think it's too vague.

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