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The 43rd president is on an urgent mission to energize his brother’s candidacy in South Carolina.

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Speaking at the the fifth annual Humphrey-Mondale dinner, Sanders delivered a high-flying version of his stump speech, while Clinton riffed off the past week's debate.

Jamiel Shaw Sr. has been supporting Trump since last summer, appearing at news conferences and rallies. His son was fatally shot in 2008 by a gang member.

Justice Jane Marum Roush remains in a strange professional limbo as her second appointment expires.

Most still believe Clinton will win the nomination, but her shaky start in Iowa and N.H. exposed weaknesses.

Republican front-runner Donald Trump's new ad, "Jamiel," focuses on illegal immigration.

The Texas senator faces an uphill battle in the South Carolina GOP primary on Feb. 20.

Ted Cruz's campaign uses a combination of attack tactics that creates a misleading impression about Donald Trump's eminent domain case.

The slogan has morphed into a cultural icon, rallying cry and, at times, punchline.

The DNC lifts its ban on donations from lobbyists, which could provide Clinton with additional funds.

An august legislative body honors retailer that senator had invoked in cutting sartorial slur.

Restrictions were introduced by then-candidate Barack Obama in 2008.

Ted Cruz delivers a prayer to 14,000 cheering evangelicals in South Carolina at a Christian rock concert.

The billionaire’s rivals, sensing their windows closing, are escalating their attacks.

Decision is a blow to the candidate in race against Rep. Chris Van Hollen to represent Maryland in the Senate.

It was a lively week.

The 43rd president is on an urgent mission to energize his brother’s candidacy in South Carolina.

The Senate confirmed a group of long-pending, non-controversial State Department nominees after Sen. Ted Cruz lifted a blanket hold against them.

The candidate aimed her message at a mostly African American audience ahead of the state's primary.

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