There are few laws dealing with refusing service to a customer based on his or her political views — but until now, it didn’t happen very often.

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The porn star had been expected to discuss potential grand jury testimony.

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Activists are calling the agency a fascist organization, but the establishment insists that President Trump is the real problem and ICE can be reformed.

The first lady addressed the annual conference of Students Against Destructive Decisions.

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Trump’s false portrayal of his Sanford insult goes largely unchallenged by House Republicans

'It wasn't a big deal," says one. 'I don't remember,' says another about whether they laughed, as Trump claims, when he insulted Mark Sanford

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Fix readers’ most common immigration questions, answered

Is there a big difference between asylum and illegal immigration? Why don't we just turn people away at the border? How will families be reunited?

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Democratic lawmaker on detained children: ‘Where are the girls?’

Many of the photos depict only boys and young children, leaving questions.

Babies, toddlers and older kids live and wait in unfamiliar places — cold, institutional settings as well as foster homes.

The senator and frequent Trump critic has threatened a rebellion on judicial nominations.

In tweets, he described the immigrants as invaders and wrote that U.S. immigration laws are “a mockery.”

The emails show that Steven Hart and his wife lobbied the EPA to hire a recent college graduate.

Her Senate colleague had saved her from choking at a luncheon using the Heimlich maneuver.

"I've got some relatives who picked cotton, okay?” the Democrat replied.

The statement, issued late Saturday, comes three days after Trump halted migrant family separations amid public outcry.

The Democrats include two African American men, one openly gay man and one immigrant woman.

The reports by a state-controlled website marked the first comments from North Korea on U.S. relations since Trump's shift on the threat posed by Pyongyang.

They came out with stories of children in mylar blankets, sitting on concrete floors, and told reporters that the situation had to be remedied by congressional action.

Of all the president’s tariff threats, his targeting of the Chinese is the most popular, but if the levies actually take effect in two weeks as scheduled, the political pain will come soon after.

Democrats “just want to use this issue — and I like the issue for [the] election, too,” the president says.

The legislative futility has created an opening for aggressive presidents, Democratic and Republican, who have acted unilaterally in setting policy.

Arrington, a South Carolina legislator, suffered a fracture in her back, several broken ribs and underwent major surgery. She was in critical but stable condition Saturday.

The former Arkansas governor's tweet was blasted online as racist, outrageous and just plain unfunny.

The conflicting comments reflected the individual brands honed by President Trump and those around him.

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