The president’s proposal, in a rare Saturday address, is designed to ramp up pressure on Democrats, but many already say it is unacceptable.

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Every Senate Democrat voted for new border barriers along the southern border as part of an immigration overhaul bill in 2013. Now Democrats are refusing President Trump's request for what they say is an unnecessary wall.

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Mueller publicly countered the BuzzFeed report. Here's why that's a rare move for a prosecutor.

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BuzzFeed’s Trump-Cohen bombshell dominated the morning news shows — except on ‘Fox & Friends’

The "unbelievable" story on the president's favorite morning news show? The migrant caravan lead the report on "Fox & Friends."

Reporting by the online publication elicited a rare correction from the special counsel’s office.

The National Credit Union Administration defended spending by two agency officials highlighted in an inspector-general probe.

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Cooler heads prevailed in the House, but lawmakers nearly came to blows Thursday over a single vote and a shouted remark. The shutdown is taking a toll on political discourse.

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An accidental encounter with President Trump, from a brasserie in Paris.

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And that will translate into less endorsement money for black players.

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The escalating dispute between the House speaker and the president comes as the record-breaking partial government shutdown continues with no end in sight.

Some 6,000 Secret Service employees are among the 800,000 federal workers not receiving paychecks.

Nielsen testified, "We’ve never had a policy for family separation.” A senator said a previously undisclosed memo shows she lied.

A nonpartisan campaign could upend the major parties’ calculations, adding more unpredictability to a complicated campaign. Schultz has not decided whether to run, and in what manner.

The chairmen of key House committees said they would look into the allegations, which the president’s attorney has flatly denied.

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"The truth is, Donald Trump is the most pro-life president in American history," the vice president said in his address Friday.

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It’s a good thing Trump isn’t building the wall out of the joke bricks his campaign is sending to Democratic leaders.

Justices may need to review recent ruling that count may not include citizenship question.

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Questions and answers about why polling is trustworthy.

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This week’s strike could lead to a political future for the Tunisian General Labor Union.

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Former House speaker Paul D. Ryan had been floated by his allies as a possible candidate for the job. But Ryan declined those entreaties.

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