For Trump and his White House, the days that followed the Helsinki summit amounted to an unofficial Walk Back Week.

(Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP)

In an evening tweet, the president once more muddied the waters on whether he thinks Russia meddled in the 2016 campaign.

It doesn’t matter what they want to talk about — the freewheeling president gets in the way.

The aircraft was deemed a “non-threat” after law enforcement interviewed the pilot.

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After a tough week for Trump, the latest NFL news allows him to pivot back to the culture wars

With the latest NFL agreement, Trump turns to what he knows works best.

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After Parkland, gun-control advocates see a turning point for new state laws

An astonishing 55 new gun-control laws in 26 states have passed since the February shooting.

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Sen. Tim Scott is emerging as the GOP’s conscience on race issues. But will other Republicans follow him?

The senator from South Carolina appears to be aiming to keep the GOP aware of black Americans.

After Stormy Daniels’s lawyer makes claims about Michael Cohen, Cohen’s attorney says neither he nor his client have cooperated with or provided any information to Avenatti.

President Trump tweets that the wiretap of Page was politically motivated.

Guilfoyle is dating Donald Trump Jr.

Page said law enforcement officials fabricated information to strengthen their bid to monitor his communications.

U.S. negotiators have faced stiff resistance from their North Korean counterparts despite the president’s declaration that the crisis had been “largely solved.”

Konstantin Nikolaev, a transportation magnate who was in Washington during President Trump’s inauguration, was in contact with Butina as she launched a gun rights group.

The classified document, heavily redacted, accuses Carter Page of acting as a Russian agent.

The former press secretary discusses the president’s role in healing the nation’s divide — and Scaramucci.

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Releasing the full application for a warrant to surveil Page weakens Nunes's case.

But findings showed that the reaction nationally is more muted than the criticism he has received from Democrats and some Republicans in Washington.

The release of 6,000 pages of documents provides a look at a judge who quickly moved through the White House process.

The national intelligence chief learned of the invitation while being interviewed onstage at a security conference.

In a morning tweet, Trump called the FBI raid and his former lawyer taping him “inconceivable.”

Columbus, Ind., has sought out foreign trade, and now finds its economic success undercut

In a small Alabama town, an evangelical congregation reckons with God, President Trump and the meaning of morality

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