Abrams could become the first African American woman elected governor in the nation’s history, but only if she beats steep odds in a persistently red state.

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The Arizona Republican spoke to the graduating class at Harvard Law School.

Civil rights groups called DeVos ignorant and uninformed, and worried her comments would mislead school officials.

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President Trump wanted consequences for NFL players who protest racism before games. Today he got them.

NFL players will have a harder time protesting before football games.

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The No. 1 reason Trump’s ‘spygate’ conspiracy theory doesn’t make sense

If this was a conspiracy against Trump, why didn't the FBI actually follow through and release its suspicions about alleged Russian agents in the Trump campaign?

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Is Congress about to finally do something about its sexual harassment problem?

After months of delay, the Senate has introduced a bill that could overhaul rules lawmakers say have led to rampant sexual abuse in Congress.

President Trump argued Wednesday that the FBI’s use of a confidential source to seek information from his campaign aides amounted to a major scandal.

With conservatives and moderates far apart on crucial provisions, there is little sign that the warring factions would be able to reach a workable compromise.

Passage of the VA Mission Act marks a significant legislative win for the president.

The decision is an indication that he may no longer be under scrutiny by the special counsel, who had been investigating his foreign contacts and other activities.

In a new court filing, prosecutors made an initial move toward wrapping up one phase of the investigation.

At an immigration roundtable, Trump said children arriving at the southern border are potential gang members.

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In a place where there hasn't been an MS-13 killing in over a year, Trump describes an ominous threat.

Trump engaged in "viewpoint discrimination" prohibited by the First Amendment, the judge said.

“It gets it over with. It makes my client happy,” he said of the prospect of the president talking to the special counsel.

The GOP's future is male (and in the Freedom Caucus).

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Another loss in court for Trump.

The bipartisan proposal would make lawmakers personally liable for any settlements from their own misbehavior. The Senate could vote this week.

The president took aim at the “Criminal Deep State” for surveilling his campaign despite no evidence to support GOP claims that an informant was embedded in his team.

The secretary of state’s promise to hold the line with Pyongyang comes as Trump has suggested talks might fall apart.

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