The deputy attorney general disputed the account and said a ‘personal agenda’ is the motive for the claim.

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The judicial branch was never free of politics, but things are different today and the Kavanaugh fight underscores it

Garrett Ventry, a communications adviser to the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, denies the allegation.

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Depending on what party wins the majority, either 85-year-old Grassley or 78-year-old Leahy would be the Senate’s pro tempore — and in the line of presidential succession.

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4 things we need to know about the Rod Rosenstein bombshell

There are more questions than answers, but that might not change the result.

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Amid Kavanaugh allegations, some evangelical leaders focus more on the courts

Response from some evangelical leaders to Kavanaugh allegations disappointing to many Christian women.

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Kavanaugh’s accuser might be better off with a criminal trial. So might Kavanaugh.

Legal experts say Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford might be better off with a criminal trial than a Senate hearing. Here's why.

“I’m not going to break bread with a racist," said David Gosar, brother of Rep. Paul A. Gosar (R-Ariz.).

Since helping broker a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer, Rob Goldstone said his life has been “quite a whirl.”

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The legitimacy of the Supreme Court may be at stake.

The Judiciary Committee had set a deadline Friday evening for Christine Blasey Ford to decide whether to testify, but Sen. Charles E. Grassley tweeted late Friday that he had given Ford an extension.

Ed Whelan declined to answer further questions about his tweets or views on Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination process, which has been upended by the allegation of assault decades ago.

At a Missouri rally, the president says the judge is a ‘fantastic man’ who is born to be on the Supreme Court.

Attendees at Values Voter Summit see Kavanaugh as a target of Democrats and dismiss sexual assault accusation against him.

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Transparency advocates lauded the decision but said groups will find ways to skirt the new regulations.

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Google search data shows a surge in interest in the subject.

Before Brett Kavanaugh, 27 federal officials or candidates were tied to allegations of abuse or sexual misconduct. Here’s what happened to them.

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A visual guide to a complex, unprecedented process.

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Recent research shows that whites see even middle-class black homes as lower-class.

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What a time to be alive.

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Kavanaugh's friend assembled old yearbook photos and Google Maps screenshots into what one critic called a "crackpot" Twitter thread suggesting a lookalike assaulted Christine Blasey Ford.

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