The president has left little doubt that he sees himself as leader of a modern grievance movement animated by civic strife and marked by calls for ‘white power,’ the phrase chanted in a video Trump retweeted last weekend.

Trump has railed against the movement to remove Confederate statues and racially charged iconography. His list of heroes includes Republicans like Reagan and Scalia, but no Democratic presidents, as well as Patton but no Eisenhower

The president made clear that his reelection message will do little to try to heal or unify the country but rather aims to drive a deeper wedge into the nation’s racial and cultural divides.

The dueling messages highlight the vastly different ways Biden and Trump have responded to the country’s racial reckoning.

Timeline: What we know about the Russia bounties intelligence and Trump

Here are the events that preceded the intelligence community's conclusion about the bounties, and what Trump has said about Russia since then.

Brad Parscale’s shoddy case for why Trump wins in 2020

Many of Parscale’s points gloss over or ignore some uneasy realities of the race. Others provide dodgy comparisons to past elections.

Trump suggests Russia’s denials may trump U.S. intelligence — again

“If it did happen, the Russians would hear about it, and anybody else would hear about it that was involved," Trump said. Russia has denied the bounties program existed, but U.S. intelligence disagrees.

Political arguments in the Villages have led at times to physical confrontations, prompting some septuagenarians to pack pepper spray and stun guns into the golf carts residents use to dart around the 35-square mile community.

American Bridge and Unite the Country are pooling resources to attack President Trump in key states and project positive messages around former vice president Joe Biden.

Nicholas J. Freitas and John J. McGuire III — both military veterans and state lawmakers — are top contenders.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Trump campaign aide, tests positive for coronavirus ahead of the event.

Administration officials had told lawmakers that Paycheck Protection Plan data would be released by the end of the week.

As the most senior African American staffer in Biden’s orbit, Sanders faces pressure to explain Biden’s record to activists, while helping him navigate this explosive moment.

More than 60 lawsuits related to absentee voting and other rules in two dozen states are now wending their way through the courts, according to a tally by The Washington Post.

Lower courts had said requirements were too onerous during coronavirus spike.

In her first public comments, she says in an affidavit that she was misled by family into signing a confidentiality agreement in an inheritance case two decades ago.

Cain, the former pizza chain executive and GOP presidential candidate, tested positive Monday.

This is the second time in recent weeks that Secret Service agents preparing for a White House or campaign event outside of Washington have contracted the virus.

Rise in hospitalizations is alarming, since it may presage a rise in deaths following the explosion in cases in the South and West.

Joe Biden is casting his campaign as the antithesis of Trump boastful approach, emphasizing empathy over self-congratulation.

The decision to hear the case next fall means the House Judiciary Committee cannot have access to the material before the election.

In this edition: Why Republicans didn’t fret about a QAnon win in Colorado, how Trump-friendly media hunts for Biden gaffes, and what changed after Tuesday’s primaries.

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