The decision by a federal judge in Texas sparked criticism but will not immediately change anything.

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Democrats are seizing on a Texas judge’s decision to amplify their argument that the GOP wants to deny protection for millions of Americans with preexisting medical conditions.

The president has faced criticism since skipping a visit to a cemetery in France where American military are buried and not going to Arlington on Veterans Day.

The cascade of inquiries threaten to dominate his third year in the White House.

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After the DNA debacle, Elizabeth Warren’s outreach to minority communities makes a pivot

After enduring criticism for her DNA announcement, Warren seeks to communicate awareness of minority issues.

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With the ACA in peril, Republicans get to show if they really want to protect people with preexisting conditions

A federal judge ruling to strike down the Affordable Care Act means everything in the law, including protections for people with preexisting conditions, would come down with it.

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Any chief of staff for President Trump is set up to fail

No one believes anyone speaks for Trump but Trump.

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His business allies have become a weapon for prosecutors and his White House has thinned out. Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress ready for a year of investigations.

The president said in a tweet Saturday that Zinke would leave the administration at the end of the year. Zinke’s personal conduct and management decisions have spurred at least 15 investigations, several of which have been closed. The most serious one, which the Interior Department’s acting inspector general referred to the Justice Department, focuses on […]

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With Trump in charge and Republicans in control of the Senate, compromise is the operable word, but that may not please the energized newcomers in the House.

Senate Republicans struggled to account for Trump’s behavior and not-so-consistent statements after his lawyer, Michael Cohen, was sentenced to three years in prison.

Europe’s ‘Big Three’ have tried to rein in Trump’s nationalist impulses, but are now weakened by the same forces.

In his first interview since the fraud allegations emerged, Mark Harris said that the man, Leslie McCrae Dowless, had been recommended to him.

The announcement came after nearly a week of jockeying in which several possible picks turned down the job.

The incoming Democratic chairman said the topic remains “a matter of interest and concern.”

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A look at the $100 million-plus the committee raised.

The former senator has been serving on a temporary basis in the seat once held by the late John McCain.

"I saw the hearings not as a chief justice, but I saw it as a mother of two young women," California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye said. "And I was greatly disturbed by the process."

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The possible closing of the Weekly Standard is a reminder that the GOP is Trump's party.

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The outgoing Wisconsin governor tried to downplay his party's push to strip powers from his successor with a terrible graph.

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