Sandy Hook victim, 6, got others to run

A 6-year-old boy killed in the massacre in Sandy Hook Elementary School shouted for his classmates to run while the gunman paused to reload and was shot moments later, the boy’s mother said Friday.

The boy, Jesse Lewis, had just seen his teacher shot and urged the others to flee while the gunman, Adam Lanza, put a new clip into his semi-automatic rifle.

“He yelled, ‘Run!’ Adam reloaded and shot him in the head,” said Scarlett Lewis, who learned details of the events inside the classroom from investigators who gathered accounts from children who survived.

“When I heard he used his last few seconds on Earth to try to save his friends, I was not surprised,” she said.

The boy’s actions were first reported by the Hartford Courant.

— Associated Press

Family of 6 killed
in police car chase

A police cruiser responding to a robbery report, lights flashing and siren blaring, struck a car at an intersection just northwest of Ohio’s capital early Friday, killing six members of a family and injuring an officer, officials said.

Police said dash-camera video from the cruiser shows the victims’ Toyota Corolla had a red light when it reached the intersection and came to a complete stop just before the crash.

The officer from the Columbus suburb of Upper Arlington was responding to a reported armed robbery at a fast-food restaurant when the crash occurred around 1:30 a.m., investigators said.

A Columbus man was driving the other car, with his wife in the front passenger seat and four daughters, including a toddler, in the back seat, said Chief Robert Oppenheimer of Perry Township police. None was wearing a seat belt, and the youngest daughter was not in a child restraint, he said. The family were refugees from Iraq, who moved to the United States about three years ago, a caseworker said, and had been out making visits as part of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.

— Associated Press

New York
FBI looks for help in airline laser attacks

The FBI announced Friday it has assigned its Joint Terrorism Task Force to lead a probe of laser attacks on the cockpits of two planes approaching LaGuardia Airport this week, inviting help from the public as well to fight a growing threat against the nation’s air transportation.

“The FBI is asking anyone with information about any of these dangerous laser incidents to pick up the phone and call us,” George Venizelos, head of the FBI’s New York office, said in a release.

The announcement came along with a report that laser attacks against inbound flights at New York airports have increased 17 percent so far this year, a rising threat because lasers can temporarily or permanently blind a pilot and crew, the FBI said.

— Associated Press

No charges in tarmac accident: The firefighter who ran over and killed a survivor of a commercial air disaster in San Francisco will not be charged with any crimes, a prosecutor announced Friday. San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said firefighter Elyse Duckett was responding to the burning Boeing 777 when the truck she was driving rolled over Ye Mengyuan. Investigators believe Ye was laying prone on the tarmac and covered in firefighting foam.

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