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Kellyanne Conway: Trump didn’t have ‘full support’ of GOP
Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway waits for the Republican presidential nominee at a campaign event last week. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

In what sounded a lot like scapegoating in the event of a loss, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway suggested her candidate was hurt by not having the full weight of the Republican establishment behind him.

On MSNBC, Conway told Chuck Todd that if Trump loses narrowly it would be “too bad” that “we have former presidents not voting for us, former nominees not voting for us.”

“That’s got to hurt,” she said, according to the exchange reported by the Wall Street Journal. “When you talk about growing the party, the idea was growing it, but having that base together.”

The last Republican president, George W. Bush, and the party’s last nominee, Mitt Romney, both refused to support Trump, with Romney being especially outspoken in his disdain.

While Conway appeared to be largely complaining about those party standard bearers, it does seem like an about face from earlier in the day when the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee held a joint conference call with reporters to discuss how well situated they were to win.

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