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Ken Bone voted
Ken Bone attends the premiere of Disney And Marvel Studios’ ‘Doctor Strange’ on Oct. 20 in Hollywood. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Ken Bone, the besweatered, undecided voter from the second presidential debate, has voted. But he’s not telling anyone who ended up getting his vote. As he’s said many times since becoming a sudden Internet meme, he’d rather just focus on getting as many Americans as possible to vote, period.

“I put a lot of thought into it, and I feel good,” Bone told the Hollywood Reporter of his choice.

Bone voted at about 6:40 in the morning at his local polling station in Shiloh, Ill., according to the Belleville News-Democrat. But his time waiting in line to cast a ballot was unusually busy:

Typically, for public events, Bone dons his iconic red sweater, but this time around, he went without it. His focus was on Election Day.It took Bone at least half an hour to get through the line, which went out the door before polls opened 6 a.m. Tuesday in Illinois. While Bone was in line, he called in to do an interview with a Canadian radio station, an interview with BBC, a Skype interview with a television station and other interviews with media outside the church.

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