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Mobs of tearful students protest Trump’s victory
Madeline Lopes, left, and Cassidy Irwin march with other protesters in downtown Oakland, Calif., early Wednesday. (Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group via AP)

As election results poured, some college students took to the streets, especially on the West Coast, crying and shouting with rage.

At many schools, the chants were the same: “F‑‑‑ Donald Trump!” over and over, with fists pumping the air or arms around one another, some holding cellphones aloft to light their way through dark campuses, or to film and share on social media.

College students are part of a generation that is the most Democratic- and liberal-leaning of all age groups, and over the last decade or so, there has been a real generational shift toward the Democrats, according to John Baughman, associate professor of politics at Bates College.

So while there was real jubilation from some students, often those were smaller celebrations. At many schools, Trump supporters had said they stayed “closeted” because the mood on campus was so vehemently against him.

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Susan Svrluga

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