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North Carolina considers extending poll hours

The North Carolina State Board of Elections announced that it will meet later this afternoon to consider requests from counties to keep polls open longer, including a request from Durham County, where a technical issue when the polls opened delayed voting.

Durham County had to switch to using paper poll books to look up voters rather than an electronic system after some precincts reported being unable to use the system, according to a statement released by the State Board of Election.

The county had to check in voters manually, filling out forms by hand rather than printing them out through the electronic system.

Voting rights groups urged the county to request an extension from the state board because of the extra time it will take to check in new voters.

At least once precinct ran out of the forms. County officials say they are restocking forms at the precincts and gathering information on delays at each site.

North Carolina law allows the state board to extend voting in the event of delays

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