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Toomey waited until just before polls closed to say he voted for Trump
Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), during a campaign stop at Pulverman Metal Fabrication in Dallas, Pa. (Christopher Dolan/Citizens’ Voice via AP)

Embroiled in a difficult reelection campaign, Sen. Pat Toomey, the first-term Republican from Pennsylvania, refused for months to say whether he would support his party’s presidential nominee.

His opponent, Democrat Katie McGinty, publicly pushed him to take a stand, but Toomey stayed mum. Until now.

Waiting until about an hour before polls closed, Toomey voted and then revealed that he had backed Donald Trump for president after all, according to the Morning Call.

Earlier in the day, McGinty’s campaign put out a particularly harsh news release chastising Toomey for waiting until the last minute to say whom he would support.

“Pat Toomey is officially the most craven and self-interested politician in the country,” said McGinty’s spokesman, Josh Levitt. “Let’s be clear here: Pat Toomey is intentionally waiting until millions of his constituents have already voted today before making clear to them who he supports to be our next commander in chief.”

Several embattled Republican incumbents said they would not support Trump after The Washington Post published a video of Trump bragging about kissing and groping women without their consent.

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