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Trump campaign: ‘We feel very confident about winning today’
Supporters cheer as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speak during a campaign event at Devos Place in Grand Rapids, Mich., on Monday. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

In a conference call with reporters Tuesday, officials with the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee expressed optimism that the GOP nominee would prevail, thanks in part to the party’s beefed-up field program.

By Election Day, the RNC had deployed 5,250 paid organizers and 2,350 trained fellows around the country, a huge increase over the 876 staffers that the party and then-nominee Mitt Romney’s campaign jointly had in 2012, officials said. A large number came aboard in the past week: As of Oct. 28, the RNC said it had 3,100 paid field staff. The party’s organizers knocked on 20 million doors in battleground states, nearly double the number four years ago, officials said.

Trump, who has kept his campaign operation lean, is relying heavily on the RNC’s program to turn out voters.

“We feel better positioned than the ticket was four years ago,” said Jason Miller, Trump’s senior communications adviser, adding that the campaign had worked “hand in glove” with the RNC.

Miller noted that the campaign ratcheted up its advertising in recent weeks as Trump barnstormed the country.

“We feel we’ve done everything leading up to Election Day that we possibly can,” he said, adding: “We feel very confident about winning today.”

RNC and Trump campaign officials said they were heartened by the GOP’s share of early-voting returns in states such as Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio, adding that many Republican-leaning counties outperformed their 2012 turnout levels.

In Ohio, for example, counties such as Cuyahoga, Franklin and Hamilton that supported President Obama in 2012 saw a drop in early voting, while counties such as Warren, Miami and Greene that backed Mitt Romney saw an increase, officials said.

Miller said early numbers show a high participation in Republican counties around the country, including the Atlanta suburbs.

“As Mr. Trump would say, we believe we’re going to win Georgia, big league,” he said.

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