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VIDEO: Donald Trump, Billy Bush and their ‘Election Day Disaster’

Access Hollywood called the 2004 Billy Bush segment “Donald Trump’s Election Day Disaster.”

The segment features Trump and Bush going to various polling locations around Manhattan so the Donald could cast a ballot. But the billionaire was turned away at all three, prompting mock threats to poll workers and light banter between Trump and Bush.

Viewed through the lens of history, it showcases the chummy interactions with Bush that threaten Trump’s presidential aspirations.

At the first location, a poll worker tells Trump he’s at the wrong polling location and has to go to 520 Park Ave. instead.

“I like that location better,” Trump tells the worker. “It’s a richer location.”

At the second polling place, he jokingly tells another volunteer: “Make sure there’s no cheating here, right.”

But Trump isn’t registered there, either. After being turned away at a third location, Trump casts a provisional  ballot in the back of a limousine.

“At least you can say the Trumpster doesn’t give up,” he tells the camera while holding up his ballot. “You’ve gotta vote.”

Donald Trump casts a provisional ballot while Billy Bush tags along during this clip from Access Hollywood. (YouTube screenshot.)

Trump’s interactions with Billy Bush would later factor into one of the biggest scandals of his campaign.

The tape, first published by The Washington Post on Oct. 7, featured a conversation between the GOP presidential nominee and Bush while they were on a bus to film another segment on “Access Hollywood.” Trump is heard talking on a hot mic about how he liked to start kissing beautiful women: “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do everything,” Trump says, while Bush laughs and adds, “Whatever you want. … Grab them by the p—y.”

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