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Why this African American woman in Florida voted for Trump

The city of Pembroke Pines, with its leafy streets and strip-mall acreage, reflects the country’s shifting demographics. About 40 percent of its residents are Latino, and 20 percent are black. At the 7 p.m. poll closing time, voters walking out of the Pembroke Pines Municipal Center in South Florida also made clear that their loyalties were in flux.

Kim Wilks, 37,  a sales associate and mother of two, said she was proud, as an African American, to support President Obama.

“But things took a bad turn. What happened with Obamacare, that blows my mind,” she said, referring to the sharp increase in premiums for 2017. “Donald Trump  supports the working class and I’m working class,” she said, adding that she is disillusioned with the marriage of political power and wealth symbolized, in her view, by Clinton. “Hillary Clinton and her family have made millions over the years. Why?”

As a woman, she said was proud of Clinton’s triumphs, but couldn’t bring herself to vote for her.

Other black voters at the site expressed similar views but did not want their names published.

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