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Tillerson: ‘Risk of climate change does exist’

Rex Tillerson said Wednesday that he arrived at his “personal position” on climate change over a 20-year period, working as an engineer and a scientist to understand the problem.

Ultimately, he concluded, “The risk of climate change does exist, and the consequences could be serious enough that action should be taken.”

Tillerson said he agreed that the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere is having an effect on the earth’s climate, but he added, “Our ability to predict that effect is very limited.”

Tillerson’s statements were in line with the views he has expressed in the past.

In short, those views are that climate change is real, that humans are playing a part in accelerating it, but that how big of a problem it poses for mankind remains unclear. Tillerson also has looked at the problem primarily as an engineering one that must be solved through innovation and ingenuity.

He added that President-elect Trump has “invited my views on climate change” and that “I look forward to providing those, if confirmed, to him and how U.S. should conduct these policies.”

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