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Trump suggests states that voted for him will get special attention

President-elect Donald Trump twice suggested at his news conference that states that voted for him overwhelmingly during the election would get special attention from his White House, especially on the issue of jobs and trade.

Referring to his victory in November, Trump said that many states “did get it right” by voting for him and those states would have better jobs, security and veterans services.

“And we focused very hard in those states, and they really reciprocated,” Trump said. “And those states are going to have a lot of jobs, and they’re going to have a lot of security. They’re going to have a lot of good news for their veterans.”

Later, he warned companies against moving jobs to Mexico or other countries from “places that I won.”

“But what really is happening is the word is now out, that when you want to move your plant to Mexico or some other place, and you want to fire all of your workers from Michigan and Ohio and all these places that I won, for good reason, it’s not going to happen that way anymore,” Trump said.

Even after winning the presidency, Trump has repeatedly referenced his victory over Hillary Clinton, at times recounting a play-by-play of the electoral college vote tally on election night at his “thank you” rallies.

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