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GOP Rep. Amash says there could be grounds for Trump’s impeachment

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), who last week became the first Republican to express support for an independent investigation into the Trump-Russia matter, said Wednesday that if the details reported this week are true, it could be grounds for impeachment.

According to the Hill, Amash added that “everybody gets a fair trial in this country.”

Amash, a member of the Freedom Caucus and one of Trump’s frequent GOP critics, was the first drop in what’s become a small but steady trickle of Republicans who have come out in support of some kind of an independent investigation — some, like Amash, spoke out right after Trump fired FBI director James B. Comey, a few others voiced concerns after the twin bombshells of Trump’s behavior in the Oval Office.

But these lawmakers are outliers, representing just a handful of the hundreds of Republicans in the GOP-controlled Congress — most of whom have either have not commented about this, or who have said another investigation is unnecessary.

Even before the special-investigation chatter, Amash was already a thorn in the side of the Trump administration.

Last month, White House social-media director Dan Scavino Jr. called Amash “a big liability” and called on the “#TrumpTrain” to defeat the Michigan Republican in his primary.

The latest on Trump, Comey and Russia: How key Washington players are reacting

The White House is searching for a new FBI director, after President Trump dismissed James Comey from that post May 9. Since the firing, The Washington Post broke the news Monday that Trump shared highly classified intelligence with Russian officials. And Tuesday, the New York Times reported and other outlets confirmed that Trump asked the FBI to drop its probe into then-national security adviser Michael Flynn and pursue leak cases.