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McCain clarifies his Watergate comparison
epa05970199 Republican Senator from Arizona John McCain speaks to the media about President Trump's disclosure of classified information to the Russians, along with reports that Trump asked CIA Director James Comey to close his investigation into Michael Flynn, at the Republican party headquarters in Washington, DC, USA, 17 May 2017. On 15 May the Washington Post reported that President Trump boastfully revealed highly-classified information to Russian diplomats in the Oval Office the week before. EPA/JIM LO SCALZO
McCain speaks to reporters at the Capitol on Wednesday. (Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA)

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who compared the current controversies to Watergate on Tuesday night, shed light Wednesday on his attention-grabbing remark.

“What I was saying was that these scandals need to be completely — all the information needs to get out as quickly as possible so we can resolve the issue and move forward,” said McCain.

He added: “It is a serious issue the way other scandals have been serious issues.”

In the Watergate scandal, President Nixon resigned before he could be impeached.

Asked whether the current imbroglio could lead to impeachment, McCain responded: “I have no idea of that — come on.”

Pressed further on whether he was ruling out impeachment, McCain said: “The thought had not crossed my mind.”

The latest on Trump, Comey and Russia: How key Washington players are reacting

The White House is searching for a new FBI director, after President Trump dismissed James Comey from that post May 9. Since the firing, The Washington Post broke the news Monday that Trump shared highly classified intelligence with Russian officials. And Tuesday, the New York Times reported and other outlets confirmed that Trump asked the FBI to drop its probe into then-national security adviser Michael Flynn and pursue leak cases.