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Sen. Angus King on impeachment: ‘I’m not there yet’
Independent Sen. Angus King.(AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

Sen. Angus King, a political independent from Maine who serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he’s “not there yet” when asked whether he wants President Trump impeached.

King appeared on MSNBC Wednesday morning and talked about reports that Trump revealed classified intelligence information to Russian diplomats and that the president later asked then-FBI Director Jim Comey to stop the agency’s investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

King said he wants to see more, including a memo Comey wrote after meeting with Trump, joining several Democrats who uttered similar sentiments on cable news shows Wednesday morning.

“I think we’ve got a long way to go,” he said. “We’ve got to take a deep breath. We really need the facts. We need to see the memos.  We don’t even have Jim Comey authenticating the memo.  We have the White House denying the memo.”

King said more evidence will help refute any belief that impeachment is merely a political ploy.

“A lot of folks who support Donald Trump think this is some kind of Democratic plot to nullify the election and snatch away what (Republicans) won,” King said. “Sixty-plus million people voted for Donald Trump. The country is split down the middle.”

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The White House is searching for a new FBI director, after President Trump dismissed James Comey from that post May 9. Since the firing, The Washington Post broke the news Monday that Trump shared highly classified intelligence with Russian officials. And Tuesday, the New York Times reported and other outlets confirmed that Trump asked the FBI to drop its probe into then-national security adviser Michael Flynn and pursue leak cases.