As special counsel Robert S. Mueller III closes in on a potential interview with the president, President Trump’s attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani is increasingly employing Orwellian tactics. His latest move involved disputing the very notion of truth.

“Truth isn’t truth,” Giuliani said on NBC News’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. “Donald Trump says I didn’t talk about [former national security adviser Michael] Flynn with [former FBI director James] Comey. Comey says you did talk about it, so tell me what the truth is.”

As the rate of Trump’s falsehoods has increased, so has his advisers’ willingness to challenge what truth and fact mean, rather than defend his claims.

The challenges, which you can watch in the video above, include:

  • “Alternative facts.” 
  • “Sometimes we can disagree with the facts.” 
  • “Facts develop.” 
  • Facts are “in the eye of the beholder.” 
  • And, of course, “fake news.” 

Although far from the first president to make false claims, Trump has done so at a rate not seen in recent presidencies. And he himself has even acknowledged his willingness to make things up for political purposes.

Speaking at a fundraiser in March 2017, Trump made an oft-repeated false claim about his “historic” political movement, before making a somewhat self-incriminating observation.

“You know, it’s funny: I’ve said that so often, they don’t even correct me, you know, the fake media,” Trump said, smiling. “They never correct me, because it’s true.”