First it was the firing of then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates.

Then it was the resignation of President Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn.

And then it was Trump’s false wiretap claim about President Obama, the firing of FBI Director James B. Comey, the Trump Tower meeting, Charlottesville, Michael Cohen, Helsinki.

Each, political pundits predicted, would surely mark the end of Donald Trump’s presidency. Or would cause Republicans to abandon him. Or perhaps, at least, mark a “turning point” for the president.

But time and time again, Trump defied the pundits, much as he did throughout the 2016 presidential campaign. You can watch the predictions in the video above.

And on Tuesday, the chorus of pundits predicting Trump’s political demise reached a fever pitch with the conviction and guilty plea from two of Trump’s closest associates.

Yet Trump’s legal exposure and political vulnerability remain unclear, at worst.

Nineteen months in, Trump has barreled through every turning point, breaking point, low point, end point and unsurvivable point of his presidency, including:

  • Firing his acting attorney general
  • The resignation of his national security adviser
  • The travel ban
  • Falsely accusing Obama of wiretapping him
  • Firing the FBI director
  • Inviting Russians to the Oval Office
  • The Trump Tower meeting
  • Charlottesville
  • The response to Hurricane Maria
  • Michael Flynn’s guilty plea
  • Endorsing Roy Moore
  • Threatening to fire Mueller
  • “Shithole countries”
  • Firing the deputy FBI director
  • Separating families at the southern border
  • Helsinki summit
  • Paul Manafort’s conviction
  • Michael Cohen’s guilty plea