An unidentified turkey about to be pardoned by President Trump appeared in the White House press briefing room on Tuesday, surprising the assembled media. The bird quickly put the members of the press at ease, though, by treating them as they’d come to expect in that room: eyeing them skeptically, answering no questions and leaving after only a few minutes.

ABC News’s Alex Mallin made an interesting observation about the bird’s appearance. By stopping by briefly, the turkey had spent more time on the room’s podium in front of the media this month than has White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Curious about how the two compared, I emailed Post photographer Jabin Botsford, who was in the room for the appearance. The bird, he said, was there for about five minutes. We can compare that with the total time Sanders has spent at the podium this month in her daily press briefings: zero minutes.

Point, turkey.

When the comparison spans the past 30 days, Sanders fares slightly better. She held her most recent daily press briefing three weeks ago, for about 23 minutes, according to the White House transcript.

So, in the past month, the turkey has spent one minute at the podium for every 4.6 minutes Sanders has been there.

If we stretch the timeline back a bit further, Sanders easily outpaces the flightless fowl. Since Sept. 1, Sanders has spent over 20 minutes for every minute that either Peas or Carrots (reporters weren’t clear which pardoned turkey it was) spent facing the press.

If we look at it in terms of appearances, though, the turkey is faring pretty well against Sanders. Over the past three months, it has appeared on the podium once to Sanders’s four times.

Like many of Sanders’s, the turkey’s visit to the briefing room included another person who answered the bulk of the questions.

After those five minutes, the turkey, no doubt frustrated by the press of reporters, was quickly ushered out of the room. We haven’t confirmed this yet, but it appears not to have seized any reporters' press credentials on its way out.