President Trump’s apparently short-lived insistence that any deal on government funding include billions of dollars allocated for a wall on the border with Mexico is obvious in whom it aims to please: his base of supporters, who have been expecting a wall since June 16, 2015.

A new poll from Quinnipiac University reinforces that idea. Only 43 percent of Americans support building a wall — but 86 percent of Republicans do. Those are Trump-approval-rating-esque numbers. While only a third of Americans agreed with Trump’s position that the government should be allowed to shut down if wall funding wasn’t included in a deal, nearly 6 in 10 Republicans said they supported Trump’s position.

That priority is also reflected in what Republicans want to see the incoming Congress tackle. More than half said that the top priority for Congress should be immigration; fewer than a quarter of Americans overall agreed.

Democrats are more likely to identify health care as an urgent priority. Luckily for them, their party now controls the House.

Quinnipiac also asked Americans where they felt that Trump has performed best and worst over his presidency. Unsurprisingly, the highlight for Trump was the economy. (Notice that a lot of Democrats declined to answer this question.)

Notice, too, that almost no one thinks that race relations were a high point for Trump. Most Americans also don’t think that immigration has been his strong suit.

Those two areas were identified as the ones where Trump has done worst. (The vertical scale below is half of the scale on the preceding two graphs.)

Republicans are most likely to fault Trump on health care, the place Democrats want to see action. Democrats are most likely to fault Trump on immigration, the place Republicans want to see action.

Good luck to the incoming Congress on finding a path forward.