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Democrats pick Joe Radinovich in Minnesota’s 8th district

Joe Radinovich, a former state legislator and labor organizer, has won the Democratic nomination in one of the party’s most at-risk seats — the 8th district of Minnesota, which covers Duluth and the state’s Iron Range.

Democrats, who easily held the district for years, lost it in 2010 then recovered it with Rep. Rick Nolan. But while Barack Obama carried the district twice, Donald Trump won it in 2016, and Nolan nearly lost. Republicans recruited Pete Stauber for the race — a commissioner in the district’s biggest county, as well as a former hockey player and police officer. Nolan retired, then made an unsuccessful bid for lieutenant governor.

While Radinovich was considered the Democrats’ strongest contender for the seat, he starts the general election with less than $60,000 in his campaign account; Stauber, who put away a token challenger, has nearly $500,000.

Live primary results: Florida and Arizona, plus Oklahoma runoffs

There are big races today in Arizona and Florida. In both states, voters are picking their candidates for key Senate races, though in Florida the winners have looked clear for months. In Florida, voters in both parties are weighing in on their candidates for governor.

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, voters are choosing candidates in runoffs, including for the GOP nominee for governor.

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