Remember that “Game of Thrones”-inspired poster Trump used to announce that his administration would be reimposing economic sanctions on Iran?

The one that showed a pensive president staring dramatically into the dark and stormy distance, warning, “SANCTIONS ARE COMING NOVEMBER 5”?

Well, the Hollywood-style poster reemerged Wednesday, resting on a table during a Cabinet meeting at the White House, where Trump talked about the government shutdown and the holidays at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. When the conversation turned to Iran, he said the sanctions had worked, and “Iran is a much different country than it was when I became president.”

“Iran is in trouble,” he added.

It was not clear why the poster was brought along. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment by The Washington Post.

In November, Trump tweeted a picture of the poster, announcing the reimposition of sanctions that had been revoked by President Barack Obama in signing the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement. The poster seemed to borrow from the HBO show’s catchphrase, “Winter is coming,” prompting widespread chatter on social media.

As The Washington Post’s John Wagner reported, critics suggested sanctions should be imposed on Trump on Election Day — “in the form of large losses in Republican congressional seats.”

It was even mocked by the show’s cast members and creator George R.R. Martin, who shot back with his own poster, which said, “FEAR CUTS DEEPER THAN SWORDS. VOTE TUESDAY THE 6TH.”

The words are an obvious play on “winter is coming” — the unofficial motto of the protagonist Stark family, whose eldest living member, Jon Snow, literally led a caravan of refugees through a border wall in Season 5.
Trump might complain the Starks are globalists, if he knew anything about the canon.
The National Iranian American Council, which has condemned Trump’s plan to scuttle an Obama-era nuclear deal and reimpose all sanctions, sees the president as less of a Stark than a White Walker — “fear-mongering, war-mongering, and championing division at every opportunity.”
It’s not really accurate to say the White Walkers champion division, however, as they tend to assimilate everyone they kill into the same undead hive mind. But at least the National Iranian American Council seems familiar with the basic outlines of the plot.

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