With negotiations between the White House and Congress stalled, the strongest indicator of when the partial government shutdown could end might be Fox News.

Republicans suffered the worst popular vote defeat in the House since Watergate after the GOP and Fox News tried to tie the 2018 midterm elections to immigration. Now, Trump and Fox are using dubious statistics to try to tie the shutdown to a “crisis” at the southern border while downplaying the shutdown itself.

Over the past month, Fox hosts and personalities have advocated for a permanent shutdown of government and questioned whether Americans even care about a shutdown (they do), examples of which you can watch in the video above. Trump even said he can “relate” to hundreds of thousands of federal workers not receiving paychecks.

And after indicating that he would sign a government funding bill without money for a wall, Trump reversed himself, in part after watching Fox News the night before the government ran out of money.

That Fox and Trump have again operated in near-lockstep is not surprising, but that Fox is covering this shutdown less than previous shutdowns while increasing its coverage of the border “crisis” is a key indicator that the shutdown could last for some time.

But as cracks emerge among congressional Republicans, there is one data point that could signal potential cracks in Fox’s coverage as well: Its ratings have fallen in recent days as the network focused on the border and continued to downplay the effects of the partial government shutdown.