Sen. Doug Jones (D) may face Roy Moore, his 2017 special election opponent, in Alabama’s 2020 U.S. Senate race. The Republican and former chief justice of the state’s Supreme Court announced during an interview Friday on American Family Radio that he is “seriously considering” a run, Reuters reported.

The special election arose after Jeff Sessions vacated the seat to become President Trump’s attorney general. Moore lost to Jones, a former federal prosecutor, by a small margin. In the interview, Moore said the seat was stolen by a Democrat-waged disinformation campaign.

“I think that’s been pronounced in the national newspapers — the New York Times, The Washington Post even — has recognized there was a disinformation campaign going on in September of 2017 by forces outside of Alabama that spent a lot of money not regulated by the FEC in trying to dissuade Republicans from voting and encourage and enrage Democrats,” he said to host Bryan Fischer.

The Washington Post reported in January that misleading online tactics were used in an effort to influence the election. Political analysts did not, however, attribute Moore’s loss to disinformation, pointing instead to a campaign marred by allegations of sexual misconduct.

A month before the 2017 election, The Post reported that four women accused Moore of pursuing them when he was in his 30s and they were teenagers. One of the women said the pursuit resulted in a sexual encounter.

The 2017 election upset flipped the Senate seat, making Jones the first Democrat Alabamians have sent to the chamber in decades.

Jones’s term will end in 2020, when he will seek reelection. The only Republican candidate in the 2020 race is Rep. Bradley Byrne, who represents the state’s 1st Congressional District.

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