Since taking office, President Trump has sat down for more than 170 interviews with reporters from television, print and radio networks. Sometimes he talks to reporters over the phone, but usually it’s Trump and the reporter, one-on-one.

And the odds are pretty good that that reporter works for a network that’s part of the Fox Corporation.

The Post compiled data on Trump’s interviews, categorizing them by type, date and duration. There are a few patterns that emerged.

You’ll notice, for example, that Fox News and Fox Business Network are the television networks most likely to grant Trump an interview over the phone. (He has done a number of radio interviews this way, understandably.) He often gives interviews in clusters, including a number of times when he has given multiple interviews in a day.

His busiest period was shortly before the midterm elections last year, when he conducted a slew of interviews with local television stations. His interviews with print outlets, including The Post, tend to be lengthier, according to word counts of the interviews tallied by

Again, though, it’s Fox News and Fox Business that have been the most frequent hosts for his thoughts. If we isolate those interviews on the chart above, that becomes more obvious.

Trump has given more interviews to Fox News than to any other individual outlet, by far. Aggregating all of his interviews with local stations comes close, but he has still spoken with Fox News more often. That includes more than half of the interviews he has conducted this year.

Of the three major newspapers he has granted interviews — The Post, the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal — he has spoken most often with the Journal. It’s owned by News Corp., the parent company of Fox.

What’s really remarkable is not only that Trump has spoken with Fox News regularly, but that, when he does, he says a lot. In part this is a function of those phone interviews, where it’s a lot harder to cut him off, and so he tends to say more. In in-person interviews with Fox News, he has said about 2,800 words. Over the phone, that stretches to 3,900 words.

In total, Trump has said more than 120,000 words in interviews with Fox News. Given how brief his interviews with local news are, that puts his Fox chatter well beyond any other category of interview.

Between Fox News and Fox Business, Trump has said about 156,000 words in interviews. Overall, according to our tally, he has said about 409,000. Meaning that the words Trump has said to Fox networks in interviews account for more than 38 percent of all of his words in sit-down interviews.

Why? One doesn’t need to watch many of those interviews to determine the answer to that question.