Hours after President Trump crossed into North Korea on Sunday, Fox News host Laura Ingraham was slamming “liberals” for criticizing Trump’s “historic” meeting.

“Liberals once believed that it was a sign of strength for a president to go to extraordinary lengths for peace,” Ingraham tweeted. “President Trump did this today in North Korea. Historic, regardless of the outcome.”

It was a far cry from Ingraham’s tweet about President Barack Obama three years earlier:

“It's 5p ET, which means Pres Obama must be meeting with some dictator somewhere. Are there any left?”

As with much of Fox’s coverage of Trump’s presidency, issues that hosts and pundits used to admonish Obama about are copacetic now that Trump is president, examples of which you can watch in the video above.

When Obama criticized Fox News’s coverage of him, host Sean Hannity called it “bullying.” Now according to Hannity, there is a “destroy-Trump media” out to get the president.

Fox ran countless segments on golf trips during Obama’s eight years. Now its hosts jokingly take bets for when Trump will golf next.

When both presidents added an identical number of jobs to the economy, Obama was the one “aggressively sustaining mediocrity.”

If both presidents reached out to authoritarians around the world, Obama was “sleeping with the enemy” while Trump is displaying his “genius.”

This week, Fox hosts and pundits have praised Trump for his “guts,” “sincerity” and “dealmaking” for his impromptu visit to the demilitarized zone. “Fox and Friends” even opened its show Monday by playing DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win” over a shot of Trump meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

In April 2013, former U.N. ambassador John Bolton called the notion of talking with North Korea “fanciful” during an appearance on Fox.

Five years later, Bolton was again asked about North Korea on Fox, just one month before he joined the Trump White House.

“Why wait until the end of May?” Bolton said of Trump and Kim’s coming summit. “Let’s do this by the end of March, because if Kim Jong Un isn’t really seriously prepared to talk about the logistics of denuclearization, I think it could be a very short meeting.”