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President Trump largely stayed away from politics during his hour-long “Salute to America” event on Thursday.

Aside from passing references to the Space Force, $750,000 worth of donated fireworks, defeating the Islamic State in Syria (“100 percent gone”) and saying the United States is stronger than ever, the most noteworthy part of the event is also something we still know little about: the seven flyovers and how much the celebration cost the Pentagon.

The Washington Post reported earlier this week that the flyovers could cost more than $2 million, and a Pentagon official told the New York Times the event “would cost the military well over $1 million.”

Below is what we know about the approximate cost of each flyover during Thursday’s event:

First flyover

Air Force One during the "Salute to America" event on July 4. (The Washington Post)
What Where did it fly from Cost
Air Force One Joint Base Andrews, Md. $200,000/hour

Second flyover

Coast Guard aircraft during the event.
What Where did they fly from Cost
MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater, Fla. $6,000/hour
MH-65 Dolphin helicopter Air Station Atlantic City, N.J. $4,000/hour
HC-144 Ocean Sentry Air Station Miami, Fla. $4,000/hour

Third flyover

A B-2 Stealth Bomber and two F-22 Raptors during the event. (The Washington Post)
What Where did they fly from Cost
B-2 Stealth Bomber Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo. $140,000/hour
Two F-22 Raptors Langley Air Force Base, Va. $36,000/hour

Fourth flyover

Two F-18 Super Hornets and two F-35 Lightnings at the event.
What Where did they fly from Cost
Two F-18 Super Hornets Naval Air Station Oceana, Va. $10,000/hour
Two F-35 Lightnings Naval Air Station Lemoore, Calif. $17,000/hour

Fifth flyover

A VH-92 helicopter and two V-22 Ospreys at the event.
What Where did they fly from Cost
VH-92 helicopter Unknown Unknown
Two V-22 Ospreys Quantico, Va. Unknown

Sixth flyover

Four Apache helicopters at the event.
What Where did they fly from Cost
Four Apache helicopters Unknown $5,000/hour

Seventh flyover

Six Blue Angels at the "Salute to America" event on July 4.
What Where did they fly from Cost
Six Blue Angel F-18 Hornets Naval Air Station Pensacola, Fla. $10,000/hour

The combined hourly cost of the 24 aircraft that performed a flyover on Thursday is at least $560,000 per hour, according to the Defense Department comptroller’s hourly reimbursement rates for fiscal year 2019 and The Post’s previous reporting. This does not include the other unknown costs listed above.

As The Post previously reported, the National Park Service diverted nearly $2.5 million for the event, and when Trump last considered doing a military parade in 2018, the Defense Department estimated it would cost $92 million.

But when asked this week about the estimated cost for Trump’s “Salute to America,” Pentagon officials referred “virtually all questions” to the White House, because Trump wanted much of the event to be a surprise.