On Wednesday night, the highest-rated cable news host spent more than 41 minutes interviewing one of the lowest-polling 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. It was an encapsulation of the state of American politics in 2019.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) and Fox News’s Sean Hannity debated topics ranging from guns to abortion to policing to school lunch menus. Little news was made, and the interview went pretty much exactly how you’d expect it to go, as you can see in the video above.

Hannity would ask a (sometimes leading) question. De Blasio would deflect or rephrase. Rinse. Repeat.

Sometimes the tables were turned.

De Blasio would ask a (sometimes leading) question. Hannity would deflect or rephrase. Rinse. Repeat.

“I’m never going to agree with you; you drive me crazy,” Hannity said at one point.

The duo interrupted each other at least 129 times and accused the other of refusing to answer their question at least a half-dozen times, according to a Fix count.

Hannity also used the interview as an opportunity to discuss his failed New York City Police Department application, whether toothpicks would be allowed under the Green New Deal and his love of cauliflower pizza.

“I eat cauliflower pizza — I’m afraid to admit it — with extra cheese,” Hannity said after asking de Blasio how he felt about pizza in schools. “People that get my age, you just don’t burn it off like you used to.”

“Thank you for your confession,” de Blasio replied.

And on it went.