President Trump aired familiar complaints about unfair media coverage on Monday night, this time saying he doesn’t want copies of the New York Times or The Washington Post inside the White House.

In an interview with one of his favorite Fox News hosts, Sean Hannity, the president alleged that the Times had apologized for its coverage of his campaign — a false claim he has made repeatedly in the past three years. He asserted that the press has treated the Biden family more favorably than his family. Then he suggested that the White House might cancel its subscriptions to newspapers he considers “corrupt.”

“All these people for doing it from the New York Times, which is a fake newspaper — we don’t even want it in the White House anymore,” he said during his interview with Hannity. “We’re going to probably terminate that and The Washington Post. They’re fake.”

Representatives for the Times and The Post declined to address the president’s comments, and the White House did not immediately respond to inquiries about its newspaper subscriptions.

Trump specifically took issue with media coverage of former vice president Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. After Hannity noted that Hunter Biden was hired for the board of a Ukrainian energy company despite his lack of experience, Trump said he has “a bad track record.” The president pointed to Hunter Biden being “thrown out” of the Navy Reserve, which happened in 2014 after a drug test came back positive for cocaine.

“If that were Don Jr., if that were Eric Trump, who are very outstanding young men, it would be the biggest story of the century,” Trump said.

He told Hannity that although he knows “some great people, including you,” most of the media is corrupt. Some say that Abraham Lincoln received harsher news coverage, Trump said, before adding: “I say I dispute it.”

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