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Booker on gun control measures

“In states like Connecticut that did [implemented licensing laws], they saw 40 percent drops in gun violence and 15 percent drops in suicides.”

— Cory Booker

Booker is referring to two different studies about the effects of a 1995 Connecticut law that required handgun purchasers to get a license. Researchers found the law was associated with a 40 percent reduction in homicides in Connecticut between 1996 and 2005. A second study found a 15.4 percent reduction in suicide rates associated with the law.

But as the Fact Checker has previously reported, single-state studies may show improvements in gun violence, but the results can’t be readily generalized to other states.

Fact-checking the first Democratic debate

Twenty candidates are taking the stage Wednesday and Thursday night, with 10 candidates each night. The Fact Checker will be watching and vetting the statements candidates make.