President Trump on Friday touted the work of his administration’s health experts on the novel coronavirus, even as he ignored their public health advice.

Trump shook hands, patted backs and touched the microphone at the White House lectern at least 31 times Friday, the sort of behaviors health experts and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have advised against to prevent the spread of the virus.

Over the past week, Trump has interacted with or been close to at least three people who were infected with the virus or who themselves interacted with virus-infected individuals. Trump earlier this week said he does not plan to get tested for the novel coronavirus, but Friday he said he “most likely” would get tested “fairly soon.

We’re working out a schedule,he said.

After inviting Walmart chief executive Doug McMillon to speak, Trump shook his hand while thanking him. Trump then greeted Walgreens President Richard Ashworth by patting him on the back and thanked him by shaking his hand. In total, Trump shook hands four times and patted the backs of officials five times.

And in between it all, Trump touched and adjusted the microphone on the White House lectern at least 22 times, according to a Fix count.

When the last executive had finished speaking, Trump offered him a handshake.

“We’ll practice that,” LHC Group Executive Vice President Bruce Greenstein said, offering Trump an elbow bump instead.

“Okay, I like that. That’s good,” Trump said, before adjusting the microphone yet again.