Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) won the Democratic caucuses held Saturday in the Northern Mariana Islands, a chain in the northwestern Pacific Ocean and a U.S. territory.

Of the 132 voters who participated, 84 selected Sanders, and 48 chose Biden, giving Sanders four of the territory’s six delegates and Biden the other two.

It’s a relatively small prize compared with the 577 delegates up for grabs on Tuesday, but Sanders invested resources on the islands, sending his New Hampshire campaign manager across the globe to shore up votes. There’s also no future electoral payoff — the U.S. territories participate in the nominating process, but they do not vote in the general election.

Still, with Sanders’s win, he shrank Biden’s delegate lead slightly. Biden now leads by about 140 delegates as they face off in a debate Sunday night and compete in Ohio, Florida, Illinois and Arizona on Tuesday.